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Risks of Rooting your Android Phone

--By Admin On October 12, 2015


Recently, we have posted Reasons to Root Your Phone, showing you how to own your device. And today, we will further discuss on rooting, presenting another side of the coin – risks of rooting your Android phone. Have a peek of it.

Expose Android to Security Issue
Carriers block some apps because they may bring virus, spam, etc. and damage the Android system. But rooting give you power to install those incompatible apps on your phone, sweeping away obstacles for some malicious add-on to access your phone. This will expose your phone to the risk of being hacked and bricking. Beside, system files can be corrupted or deleted. Personal information may get leak.

Expose Android to Security Issues

Say Goodbye to Warranty
Rooting is not officially supported by manufacturers. If you root your Android phone/tablet, warranty of your phone will lose effectiveness. Some devices, Samsung for example, even have a built-in flash counter used to track whether or not a user have rooted their phone. They will discover if user tamper with firmware, install incompatible apps, etc.

Say Goodbye to Warranty

Not all devices are created equal
There are various methods of rooting. For example, to root Nexus, you need to download a toolset and gain access by using PC command prompt while most Samsung devices require the Odin software. Rooting procedure varies but most of them require multiple steps. So it is more likely to go wrong and lead your phone gets bricked.

Device not Equal

Cause Update Problems
After rooting, update may fail to install due to software modification. For instance, you will no longer be noticed by updates via Wi-Fi (OTA) and management program like "Samsung KIES will no longer work properly".

Update Problems

Is rooting beneficial or risked? In my viewpoint, rooting is a dual-edge sword. It depends. If you still want to root your phone, here are some articles related to how to get Android rooted.

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