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10 Must-Have Android Apps Every Student Should Install

--By On January 28, 2019


android apps for students

Technology made students’ life easier with smartphones and its apps for students. Finishing requirements are now easier since learning materials are accessible and there are study apps on android which help you work on your college papers wherever you are. If you have tons of homework and need a study help, then here are some useful college tips for you; use your phone storage wisely by downloading android apps for students, don’t be afraid to explore the playstore for useful apps for students, and use your study app more often instead of pointlessly surfing the internet. Here are 10 must-have android apps every student should install.

Here are some of the best study apps which can speed up your assignment making process:

Google Drive - Google Drive is great for storing and sharing files. Professors often share learning materials and class instructions in here, so it is wise for you to install it to make contents shared by your professor accessible anytime. Google drive is also great for storing pdf files that you might need as references for your research paper.

Dropbox - Dropbox is another app which is great for storage. If you have video or film projects, dropbox is definitely one of the must have apps for android you should install. It can store huge files and you can also share those files easily with dropbox.

Microsoft Word - You can now write assignments on your mobile phone with this app. Microsoft Word’s mobile version is one of the best apps for students it can save them a lot of time. While being stuck on a traffic on the way home, or while waiting for the next class, students can now do their homework on their mobile phone.

SlideShare - If you are looking for powerpoint ideas or there is a powerpoint presentation you need to study, then SlideShare is for you. There are thousands of powerpoint presentations available here, and you can also upload one for sharing or if you want the powerpoint presentation from one of your classes to be accessible to your phone.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary - Experiencing a writer’s block in the middle of doing an assignment? Can’t find the right words for you essay? Not familiar with some words from your reading materials? Here is one of the best student tips, install this app! You no longer need to carry a thick and heavy dictionary because you can now have it on your phone.

Scribd - Are you having trouble understanding a literary text? Do you need a summary or a contextualization of a story for your literature review? Scribd have those things. It is a digital library which has critique papers, essays, e-books, and many more. You don’t have to hopelessly search on the internet for learning materials and references because you will have thousands of choices with this app.

Mathway - Most students dread math, it’s not a secret. Long and complicated computations and several formulas are hard to remember. Assignments in math take so much time because it is often hard to figure out how to solve a problem. Mathway is an advanced calculator that shows you the solutions step-by-step. If you need some serious help in solving math problems, this is one of the best educational apps for students on android that you must install.

CamScanner - Do you find it hard to study notes from your photo gallery? One of the benefits of allowing smartphones on classes is being able to speed up the lecture by letting the students take picture of notes and learning materials, instead of waiting for them to finish copying. CamScanner is an app which compiles your photos and converts them to a single pdf file. With this app, you don’t have to be confused with the order of notes since you can read it as a pdf file.

Evernote - If you have tons of assignments and you’re having a hard time on keeping track, then this is a great app for you. It’s not only a study planner app, you can also personalize it and draw in it. If you need to submit your e-signature, you can use this app!

ClassUp - Are you mixing up your schedule and not sure about the room assignments? Then this app is for you. It is a schedule organizer that you can personalize if you want to make it aesthetically pleasing, then you can save it as your wallpaper so you don’t have to be confused again. Here you can insert your class subject, course description, room number, and professor’s name.

Installing these apps is like having a pocket size laptop!

apps students should install

Imagine having these 10 must-have android apps every student should install on your smartphone, you no longer have to carry your laptop just so you can do your requirements. Installing this apps can make your student life easier and can help you save a lot of time. If you are tired, you can lay down and just do your assignments on your smartphone. Smartphones are created not just for entertainment, but also for practicality and you should not miss it.

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