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Use One-Click Root to Get Phone Rooted

Latest Updated on November 2, 2016By 维琪
Rooting Android is equivalent of jailbreaking your device, making it more open and grant more permissions to the user. You can also deem it to be a process of unlocking the Android system......
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How to Root LG Smartphone with Stump Root

Latest Updated on November 19, 2015By
You will greatly benefit a lot from rooting access if your root your LG phone, such G3, G4, and more. You can full control over the device, back up and restore the whole system, save spac......
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How to Unroot Android with iRoot

Latest Updated on November 16, 2015By
Rooting will void the warranty of your Android phone. Say you root your Android and after that your phone encounters a malfunction. Then manufacturer will not cover the damage. Luckily, y......
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How to Root Android with SRS Root

Latest Updated on November 12, 2015By
A rooted Android allows you to back up your phone completely. For example, with an unrooted phone, you can back up apps other than all the information stored in those apps. If you have be......
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How to Unroot Android with KingoRoot

Latest Updated on November 12, 2015By
There is no doubt that rooting your Android gives you more rights to control your device. For example, you can install apps blocked by the manufacturer. But carrier blocks these apps just......
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How to Unroot Android with Framaroot

Latest Updated on November 10, 2015By
A while ago, you rooted your Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc. just because rooting allows you to access some locked features of your Android. But now you are intended to update your Android opera......
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How to Root Android with Towelroot

Latest Updated on October 30, 2015By
Why root Android? The pros are countless. On a root Android phone such, we can easily get more apps which are block by manufacturers, lengthen the phone battery life, customize stuffs in ......
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How to Root Android Phone with Rescue Root

Latest Updated on October 29, 2015By
Why root Android? Block annoying ads! One reason is getting rid of annoying ads. Pop-up ads and flashing banners on Android phone can be an annoying distraction, especially when you are w......
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How to Root Android with SuperOneClick

Latest Updated on October 28, 2015By
You sometimes may want to deny some apps in your Android phone as they are useless and data-cost. Some will slow down your phone when they are running. However, you have no rights to ban ......
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Free Tools to Manage Your Rooted Android - SuperUser vs SuperSu

Latest Updated on October 27, 2015By
Android phones come with numerous applications pre-installed, which are also known as bundled setup. Such apps are rarely used. And some of these applications are space-occupied. And they......
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