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Best NFT Mobile Games for Android 2022

Latest Updated on March 9, 2022By
currency-based NFT (Non-Fungible Token) games have surpassed all expectations. As a result, the industry has seen tremendous growth since its onset in 2017. These games use blockchain tech......
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What is a Mobile Proxy and How to Use It?

Latest Updated on March 2, 2022By
ou heard about mobile proxies but have no idea what they are? Do you want to know what a mobile proxy is and how to use it?   A mobile proxy is a service that allows users to access t......
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Rising Play-to Earn and Guild Models in Gaming

Latest Updated on January 9, 2022By
know that the average video gamer spends about eight hours of their week on games such as the World of Warcraft saga?  The classic video gamer is no longer than 15- to 20-year-old recluse......
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How can you make your photo more fun and cheerful?

Latest Updated on August 23, 2021By
u sometimes want to get rid of the humdrum photos with a fake smile, to make some detail that will diversify the picture and make it funnier, causing laughter and positive emotions. When w......
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Next-Generation Smartphones - What Are They?

Latest Updated on December 26, 2019By
eneration smartphones, for a short period, have come a long way from the creation to the present. The evolution of TEC thought is simply shown for us. Now the smartphone is not only PDA (p......
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New Nokia 8 Hands-on

Latest Updated on September 20, 2017By Takeshi Hoshino
Last week, HMD Global, a Finnish company that acquired the Nokia brand license just eight months ago, has unveiled the very first Nokia flagship running Android: the Nokia 8. This should ......
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iPhone 8 - iPhone 10th Anniversary Edition is Coming on Sept. 12

Latest Updated on September 11, 2017By
After months of rumors and leaks, you may know everything of "iPhone 8" or "iPhone X", referring to the 10th anniversary of the historic device. But as always, everything is still up in t......
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Xiaomi Mi 6 VS Samsung Galaxy S8: Which is Better

Latest Updated on September 6, 2017By
As the two most anticipated Android models in 2017, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi6 have been attracted our attention since the beginning of this year. Both phones have been released cur......
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Can Do Things That The iPhone Can't

Latest Updated on August 30, 2017By Carol
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is considered to be the most satisfying handset so far. It meets all the requirements of today's modern, high-powered handset, with its bright, 6.3-inch screen, twin......
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Android 8.0 is Arriving on August, 21

Latest Updated on August 21, 2017By
Google will launch the highly-anticipated ‘Android 8.0’ or ‘Android O’ in New York City today, which happens to be the total solar eclipse in the US. Besides, Google hosting live stream a......
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