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How Kotlin is Changing the Game for Android Developers?

--By Momokasaya On April 13, 2023

Since Android was created, Java has been the primary language for developing Android applications. Java is undoubtedly a good choice for the majority of the APP Development companies. Android app development is the official language, and without a doubt, it has proven to be a highly robust language.

But, one undisputed thing is that Java could have been more effective and was the only language suitable for Android projects. Java had flaws and weaknesses that caused numerous challenges for the developers, ranging from a sloppy syntax Null pointer exception to the never-ending idea of block-like try-catch.

Java has been used for many Android projects for as long as it has, but developers must know that Kotlin has arrived on the market, and it's the right time to switch to Kotlin for Android projects.

At the Google I/O Conference, Google made a much-required announcement. The announcement was that Android developers could finally work on a new platform known as "Kotlin." The language is fully compatible with Android Studio.

What exactly is Kotlin?

Kotlin is an open-source, cross-platform general-purpose, statically typed programming language based on Java Virtual Machine, a replacement for Java. Which kind of apps can you create using Kotlin?

How Kotlin is Changing the Game for Android Developers?

1.    Simple Set Up:

The installation for Kotlin within Android Studio is very simple and simple. The first step is to install Kotlin's plugin within Android Studio. Then Add Kotlin's classpath to the Build. Gradle. Build. Next, Add Kotlin libraries and apply Kotlin plugins to Your module Build. gradle. You are now ready to go. A click of "Allow Kotlin support' allows APP Development NYC companies to switch to Kotlin.

2.    Interoperability:

Kotlin has been designed to be completely interoperable and compatible with Java, among the significant benefits. In essence, developers can utilize the two languages, Java and Kotlin, in an ongoing project. Additionally, Kotlin allows using existing Java frameworks as well as Java features as well. Interoperability is the main reason for the rising popularity of Kotlin.

3.    The Minimal Boiler Plate Code:

Java is well-known for being sloppy, and there's a lot of unnecessary code to write even fewer complex programs. However, Kotlin is configured, so the programmer is spared from extreme programming. Kotlin needs approximately 8 times less programming than Java, which is done by reducing the number of boilerplate codes.

4.    There is no more Null Pointer No More Null Pointer:

One of the most significant problems that Java faced Java is Null Pointer Exception which led to the crash of many Android apps. Every developer has faced this issue. This issue is averted with Kotlin and is entirely secure. This alone is huge enough to make developers change to Kotlin immediately.

5.    Easy to master:

For anyone who is a developer, to comprehend and to master Kotlin is easy. It is possible to understand this language well after taking just one day of study. The syntax and design of Kotlin are easy to understand. Many developers claim that Kotlin is set soon to become the most popular system in Android development.

6.    Automatic conversion:

APP Development agencies can switch to Kotlin with little effort or spending a lot of time, and this is because Kotlin is an open-source language. To learn Kotlin, you can make use of the Java to Kotlin converter created by JetBrains, and this tool will save developers time.

7.    Extensions:

Kotlin comes with several extensions that developers can utilize. These extensions simplify the development process, allowing you to recover views from activities, Fragments, and Views in a stunningly seamless manner. It also makes local caches for views. Another extension that is similar to this is the Synthetic Extension.

8.    Semicolon free:

Most of the time, when programming in Java programming, programmers are prone to forget to add semicolons at the end of the lines. Kotlin is not subject to the requirement of semicolons, and APP Development agencies who use Kotlin can look for missing semicolons.

9.    Reliability:

Kotlin is far more secure and secure than Java, Kotlin is much more resistant to bugs, and the risk of making mistakes is also lower. Even if there are errors in Kotlin, it is identified during the compilation process, which enhances the security of applications.

10. A decent level of support:

Even though Kotlin has been growing in the realm of Android Apps development, it is already in the marketplace and has been used by numerous developers for a long time. Therefore, it's a familiar language, and support will not be provided. Many communities can help you to use Kotlin's capabilities.
Kotlin is simple for anyone who has Java to master

Kotlin is simple for anyone who has Java to master:

Similarities in syntax and typing make Kotlin a breeze to master for those working in Java. If you are worried that Kotlin will climb steeply to mastery, find yourself amazed by how simple developers can get into programming in Kotlin. Kotlin is evolving and receiving the support of the community of developers. The majority of developers contributing to the evolution of Kotlin are freelancers that have time to work on different platforms and work on a variety of smaller projects with additional requirements. Other contributors include large companies and giants of the industry like Google.

Kotlin requires 20% less code compared to Java. Java must be updated, and every release must support features unavailable in the earlier version. This, in turn, increases the amount of code to write, which results in the absence of a layer-to-layer architecture. If you look at the code of the Java class with Kotlin class, you'll discover that the code written in Kotlin will be smaller than that composed in Java.

Kotlin supports Android Studio:

Since JetBrains and JetBrains develop Kotlin, it's unsurprising that Android Studio (also a JetBrains product) offers excellent support for Kotlin. Android Studio makes it incredibly simple to set up Kotlin in your application; it's as easy as clicking some menus. Your IDE will not have trouble comprehending how to compile and run Kotlin code after you've installed Kotlin to work with Android Studio. After you have configured Kotlin in Android Studio, it is possible to convert the entirety of the Java source file to a Kotlin file.

Its ability to work with Java Kotlin has been deemed Java compatible and is a unique language that can use JVMs and, at the same, be used to upgrade and enhance enterprise-level applications backed by massive code bases written in Java.

Kotlin is fantastic to use for programming procedurally:

Each programming model has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. The reality is that every programming paradigm has instances where one method is more efficient than the other. One appealing thing about Kotlin is that it blends the advantages of two distinct ways - functional and procedural.

The largely procedural method can be the most challenging aspect of the language at first when you begin to become familiar with it. However, the amount of control that this approach can provide you is worth the effort of your time.

Kotlin helps make development more efficient and your life simpler:

This is in line with the previous point. While some elements that are part of Kotlin take patience as well as focus to master but in the end, by using fewer mistakes and bugs, the code will be significantly decreased. This will save you time and makes coding more enjoyable instead of an administrative nightmare with spaghetti code.

Many features are available in Kotlin, making it a viable solution to the current programming issues. The place SoftCircles, LLC is taking the language next is yet to be seen. We may witness Kotlin making a shift toward iOS development. And if it is compiled into JavaScript, it could also be utilized increasingly in Milwaukee web design. Of course, this depends on our goals and how much they want Kotlin to be the dominant language in the development landscape.

Closing Up:

With a low learning process, Kotlin can be an excellent developer choice. Due to the increasing demands for Kotlin developers, and the advantages it provides developers, there is evidence that many developers are moving to Kotlin.

However, if you're not a developer searching for a Kotlin application development service, you're in the right spot. SoftCircles, LLC’s team of in-house programmers deeply understands the software and are members of communities too. Your app is backed by their experience and knowledge of the field that will be evident in the marketplace. Contact us now.

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