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How to Transfer Data between Android via USB OTG

--By Admin On October 1, 2015


When it comes to Android data transfer, many will choose the commonly used way, Bluetooth, NFC, USB cable and PC for example. Nonetheless, when using these methods, connection issues always occur. And transmission is quite slow. So, in today's guide, a new solution – USB OTG will be introduced.

USB OTG or OTG, actually short for USB on-the-go, empowers USB devices like Android phones to act as a host and then allows other USB device to be attached to them. You can make direct connection between two Android phones/tablets and transfer data between Android via USB OTG. By using USB OTG, Android phones plugged-in can communicate with each other without the need to be connected to a computer.

Data Supported: Photos (.jpg, .png, .jepg, etc.) Videos (.mp4, etc.) Music(.mp3, etc.) Documents (PDF, etc.)

Devices Compatible: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+/S6 Edge/S6/S5 /S4/ Note 5/Edge/Note 4, etc. Google Nexus 6/5/4, etc. LG G4/G3/LG G2, etc. HTC One M9 +/M9/M8 s/M8 EYE/M8, etc. Sony Xperia Z3/Z2, etc. Motorola X/G/E, etc. HUAWEI Mate 7/P8 Lite/P8/P7, etc. Lenovo A600, etc.

Example: Transfer Files from HTC One M8 to Samsung Galaxy S6

Step 1. Connect Android Phones to OTG

To start with, directly connect the destination phone Samsung Galaxy S6 to the OTG. Then plug in another Android device HTC One M8 to the OTG as source phone with a USB cable. Then enable USB debugging on the HTC One.

Connect Android to OTG

Step 2. Select Folder to Transfer

Go the Samsung Galaxy, "Just Once" or "Always" choose a place where files are stored, "Gallery" for example. You will receive a pop-up that says "Allow the app Gallery to access the USB device". Click the button "OK".

Select Folder to Transfer

Step 3. Select Files to Import to the Target Phone

When in the Gallery of the Samsung, select files you want and long tap on them. Then press the button "IMPORT" at the upper-right corner. You can view the importing progress via the bar. When the bar is 100% completed, all selected items are imported from the source phone –HTC One. 22 selected items will be stored in the folder "HTC One" in your Samsung Galaxy.

Select Files to Import

That's it. You can also transfer videos, music, movies, and documents between Android phones with OTG. Plus, data in the USB can be read when the USB is connected to the Android/PC via OTG.

Import HTC Photos to Samsung

  • Gerome Layaoen

    is the p8 lite really compatible for otg?? if it is compatible how and what should I do for my phone??

    • Trina

      Hi Gerome, sorry that I can’t make sure whether it’s well compatible or not. But I found it in the Amazon, and it says that OTG well support P8 Lite.

      • Gerome Layaoen

        DID YOU TRY IT. THE PRODUCT IN AMAZON THAT SUPPORTS OTG IN P8 LITE?? This email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast.

    • Marc Hester

      Received from Huawei, : “Unfortunately, the P8 and P8 lite doesn’t support OTG”

  • Heather Hodge

    is it possible to use the OTG to connect a flash drive to my HTC Desire 626 and move data to the flash drive? and if so what steps do i take to do this, and what files can be transferred?

  • Marc Hester

    Received from Huawei, : “Unfortunately, the P8 doesn’t support OTG”

  • ankush jamthikar

    hey i am Ankush,

    When I connect two devices host device is not detecting other device.but the host device is charging other device.please help me to resolve this issue .this is my email id

  • admindss

    Really pretty cool, But I have already used of lot of APP for transferring data, but nothing gave perfect transfer. Will try this once

    • sumir bharati

      Have you tried Reliance JioSwitch?

  • Lynn

    I tried to transfer my data from phone to pc using data cable..when I cut one folder from phone then paste to pc…I happened to cancel it by mistake…. Now I can find my data neither on phone nor on pc….can someone help. Where I can find my lost data???

    • Trina

      Suggest you use Android Data Recovery to scan your device to check if the data is really gone. If no, you can use the registered version of the software to restore the data on your phone.

      • Lynn

        i tried…but the pics that were retrieved were corrupted..

  • yuefeng qu

    Can you share the source code ?if yes please email to

  • Ivnsny Odytsang

    I have a phone that is screen dead. Can I transfer data from that phone to my new phone?

    • Trina

      What is the model and system version of your phone?

  • Rakesh Roshan

    I have a phone which I am not able to switch on. Can I transfer files to other phone or PC?

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  • Schalk du Toit

    Can I mirror a live video from one mobile to another with an otg?

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