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Want Windows Apps on Your Chromebook?

Latest Updated on August 26, 2019By Admin
you buy a Chromebook? Around 60 percent of US schools thought so in 2018. It’s a similar question to whether you should buy a Windows or Mac PC. From a technical point of view, all ......
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How to Import Bookmarks to Microsoft Edge

Latest Updated on May 24, 2016By Manager
After detailing how to set Google as Microsoft Edge search engine, some are curious about how to import bookmarks from Google, Firefox or IE to Microsoft Edge. Yes, to make Microsoft Edge......
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How to Make Web Notes on Microsoft Edge

Latest Updated on May 4, 2016By Manager
In addition to Cortana, my second favorite feature on the Microsoft Edge browser for Windows 10 is the Web Note. This new feature allows you to take notes, write, doodle and highlight dir......
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Easy Way to Set Google as Microsoft Edge Default Search Engine

Latest Updated on April 27, 2016By Manager
Microsoft’s new Edge browser in Windows 10 uses Bing as its default search engine. But many of you may prefer to use Google or Firefox as the search engine. I’m accustomed wit......
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Clear Microsoft Edge Browsing Histories with Simple Steps

Latest Updated on April 25, 2016By Manager
Like many other websites, to enhance your browsing experience, Microsoft Edge browser also records your browsing history such as the information you fill in on forms, passwords and cookie......
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Microsoft Edge – the More Humanistic Browser

Latest Updated on April 20, 2016By Manager
Microsoft Edge (previously known as Project Spartan) is the new web browser first introduced in Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile. Yes, if you want to get it, there’s only one way – Upgrad......
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How to Hide or Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Taskbar

Latest Updated on April 15, 2016By Manager
Though Cortana is useful for most Windows 10 users who are getting tired of typing what they want into the search box, some Windows 10 users doesn’t like Cortana that much. What if ......
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How to Configure and Personalize Cortana

Latest Updated on April 12, 2016By Manager
Cortana is a useful virtual voice assistant built-in in Windows 10. Calling her an assistant means that it helps you on every single thing in your daily life. You can ask her everything l......
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How to Set Google as Default Search Engine of Cortana

Latest Updated on April 8, 2016By Manager
Bing, which was provided by Microsoft, is set as the default search engine of Cortana. However, not everyone is used to Bing because even though Bing and Google are both welcomed search e......
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Cortana: Your Personal Assistant

Latest Updated on April 6, 2016By Manager
Cortana is a useful voice assistant for Windows 10 users in recent days. Let’s see why this virtual assistant is so welcomed and popular with the following two parts: Part 1. What ......
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