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How to Manage Outlook Mail Inbox Effectively

Latest Updated on February 22, 2016By Manager
No matter which kind of office job you are engaged in, you might send and receive a load of email every day. A large amount of office stuff also complains that most of their time waste on......
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How to Create and Use an Outlook Email Template

Latest Updated on February 18, 2016By Manager
Outlook email template is useful especially when you want to send emails repeatedly. It will save you time because you don’t need to type them in again and again. Here in this artic......
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Get More Extra Space on Microsoft OneDrive

Latest Updated on December 8, 2015By Manager
OneDrive is now available for any devices including PCs and Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices of all kinds, Windows Phones and tablets, etc. It is served as an effective application t......
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Share and Edit Files with Others on OneDrive

Latest Updated on December 8, 2015By Manager
OneDrive makes it very easy and safe for users to create and share files with other people. When a document has been shared to someone, it means you’re giving others access to the exact s......
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Restore Deleted and Original Files on OneDrive

Latest Updated on December 4, 2015By Manager
It’s not a secret that Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive allows you to sync files between Windows PCs and other devices. But do you know that OneDrive has one highlight feature c......
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Use OneDrive to Backup Files in Computer, Android, WinPhone and iOS

Latest Updated on December 3, 2015By Manager
OneDrive, a Microsoft’s storage option, is not just for people on Microsoft’s platforms, but for iPhone, iPad and Android users as well. Anyone with a Microsoft account can use it on the ......
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OneDrive: Make Wonderful Progress on Digital File Sharing

Latest Updated on December 2, 2015By Manager
As an important part of Microsoft’s platform, OneDrive is now a free online storage service that’s built into Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 10. It offers all users with a simple......
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Cortana – What To Expect From Microsoft’s Virtual Personal Assistant

Latest Updated on October 8, 2015By Admin
Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system, comes with its very own virtual personal assistant. Cortana, named after and inspired by an artificial intelligence in the Halo vide......
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How to Convert CSV Contacts to XLSX

Latest Updated on September 7, 2015By Admin
CSV files are usually used to save contacts exported from email. We can save it as XLS and edit them as you wish. Some of you may find that in some CSV files, contacts are listed in rows ......
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How to Use PokIt to Take Screenshot

Latest Updated on August 12, 2015By Admin
Screenshot tool is one of the most frequently used software or widgets that we can’t imagine how life will change without them. When we need to remotely share the specific icon or p......
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