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How to Fix iPhone Error Which Is Unable to Install iOS 10.3?

--By Editor On May 24, 2017


Due to tons of new features and bug fixes, many users are updating to the new iOS 10.3. But just as it is with any iOS update, there are those who are experiencing some problems. The major one being the inability to even install the update. You may have seen a message saying "Unable to Install Update- Error Occurred Installing iOS." This guide will show you how to fix iPhone error which stops you from installing iOS 10.3.

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Important Prompts

1. Back Up Your iDevice
In case of issue occurred during the installation, you should back up our iPhone/iPad before installing iOS 10.3 so that you can get it back into working order. With a backup, you can recover all your old data. So yes, it's worthwhile to backup your iDevice, using both iCloud as well as iTunes. For specific information on how to backup, please refer to our complete step by step guide that shows you how to do a full backup of your iDevice.

2. Connect iDevice to Power
Make sure that your iPhone or iPad has sufficient power or connect your device to power (preferred) to make it through the upgrade. If you're unsure, charge your device before attempting to upgrade or just plug it in and then update.

These prompts will prevent errors to some extent. If error occurs, you can follow the tips below.

Fix Tips

Now, that you finished your backup let's tackle this install error. For users who encountered this error while performing an OTA (over-the-air) update for your iDevice, the best path forward is to use iTunes when installing iOS 10.3.
If you are not a big fan of iTunes, try the following tips and check if your iPhone updates to this latest iOS without any hiccups using OTA.

Tip  1 Toggle AirPlane Mode
Head to Settings > Enable Airplane Mode.
Then power off your iPhone.
After 10 seconds or so, turn it back on and disable the Airplane mode.
Next, try to update your iPhone as you would normally do by using Settings> General >Software Update

Tip 2 Update Network Settings of Your iPhone
If updating via OTA gives that all too familiar "Not connected to the Internet" error, two things often help with that issue:
A) Resetting the Network Settings on the iPhone.
B) Changing your DNS settings to for your WiFi. Give it a try and see if that resolves your issue.

Reset Network Settings

Tip 3 Restart Your iDevice
Some users say that when they see this message or if their update fails, a forced restart followed by a reinitiation of the update does the trick. Operation depends on your on your iDevice. Please act as below:

PRESS & HOLD both the POWER button and either the HOME (for iDevices with mechanical homes) or the VOLUME DOWN buttons.
Continue holding until the Apple logo appears.
Then release.

Restart iPhone

Tip 4 Close Settings App
To fix the error, you can refresh your Settings app.
Double tap your Home button then swipe up on the Settings app until it slides out of view.
After that, touch the Settings app again and head to General > Software Update.
Try to install the update again.

Tip 5 Update Device with iTunes
If you get the error unable to verify update when trying to install the newest iOS update 10.3.1 on iPhone 6/6s or iPhone 7/7 Plus directly, you can try updating your device via iTunes.

Update with iTunes

Open iTunes, and connect your device to computer > Select your device and click Summary > Check for Update > Click Download and Update.

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