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What’s New About Google Pixel/Pixel XL

Latest Updated on October 4, 2016By Editor
Google will release Google Pixel/Pixel XL on October 4, 2016. Now, let us see what’s new about Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. It has been a phenomenon that a soaring number of An......
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Begin Your Trips with Google Now

Latest Updated on September 21, 2016By Editor
r smartphone, iPhone 7/7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, and more included, smart enough? My answer is NO as I have to open the browser, enter the keyword and browse dozens of pages when ......
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Key Features of Apple’s iPhone 7

Latest Updated on September 14, 2016By Manager
7 was launched at an Apple event in San Francisco. People pay highly attention to the features that the new iPhone 7 has. You may have seen a large number of speculations leaked from the ......
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A Comprehensive Review on Android 7.0

Latest Updated on September 7, 2016By Manager
released Android 7.0 Nougat official version On August 22, 2016. It is the new operating system for smart phone which is named Nougat. We all know that the Android 6.0 is not widespread a......
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What Will Be Special with Galaxy Tab S3

Latest Updated on August 30, 2016By Manager
g confirmed that the new Galaxy Tab S3 will be launched in September. The Samsung Galaxy Tab earns a good reputation between the Android tablets. But most people may choose iPad instead of......
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What Will Be Changed for the Home Button on iPhone 7

Latest Updated on August 23, 2016By Manager
ly, Apple plans to unveil its next-generation smartphone: iPhone 7. We can hear so much suspicion about the device coming from the news that was leaking out, even though it does not exist ......
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S Pen Has Been Improved with Samsung Note 7

Latest Updated on August 17, 2016By Manager
rrently-unveiled Galaxy Note 7 is bundled with plenty of accessories, including the newly-updated Samsung S Pen. It’s been five years since the advent of S Pen, however, there are st......
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Will Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Be Popular in the Market?

Latest Updated on August 10, 2016By Manager
s the hot topic these days? Maybe Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 to expand the smartphone market successfully. You may ask why it is Galaxy Note 7 but not Galaxy......
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4 New Members of LG X Family: X Power/X Mach/X Style/X Max

Latest Updated on August 8, 2016By Manager
With LG X screen released in March, 2016 and LG X cam released in June, LG is launching a total of four new mid-range smartphones, of which they respectively are LG X Power, LG X Mach LG ......
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4 Things a Google Phone Could Mean

Latest Updated on July 28, 2016By Manager
Google may make announcement of its house-branded phone – Google Phone. We have qualm over this new product. For example, will it be able to rival iPhone which targets the high-end market......
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