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Xiaomi Note 2: What Will Attract You?

--By 维琪 On November 24, 2016


Xiaomi Note 2 smartphone was launched in October 2016. It is said that this Android looks like Samsung Galaxy Note 7. As a matter of fact, this phone is more than just Galaxy Note 7 lookalike. It comes with better design than the powerful processor, enduring battery, and more. Now let us see what features of Xiaomi Note 2 will attract you.

Perfect Appearance
After the launch of Xiaomi Note 2, you may associate it with the Galaxy Note 7, which is quite similar in terms of the appearance.

Xiaomi Note 2 Appearance

With dual curved glass at the front and the back , Xiaomi Note 4 seems impressive. In fact, Xiaomi Note 2 is more outstanding than Galaxy Note in terms of the specifications. For example, its body, which is only 7.6 mm, is 0.3 mm thinner than that of Samsung Note 7. The Home button and the rear camera are raised slightly, which is better than Samsung Note 7. With the narrower metal border, the device seems more elegant.

Some consider that Xiaomi Note 2 comes with the best appearance than any other generation and Android bland. Without the Xiaomi logo on the body of the device, the device seems simpler. The the metal border and the dual curved glass seamlessly combined, which is comfortable to hold. Without the sharp edge, one holds the device will not be hurt.

In addition, the device comes with complete hardware, including USB Type-C, dual Nano-SIM slot, 3.5mm earphone port, Volume Up/Down button and Power button.

Xiaomi Note 2 Appearance

Snapdragon Processor
Xiaomi Note 2 is powered by Snapdragon 821 processor. It runs Android 6.0. The standard version of Note 2 is equipped with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM while the high-end version has 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM. With the high-end configurations, Xiaomi Note 4 is able to deliver great performance. Even though you play the Android games or play videos for a half hour, the device is not overheated.

Less Mistakenly Touches
With dual curved edge, it is easy to mistakenly touch keys or icons in the screen. Luckily, Xiaomi has solved this problem. As the display is big, when using the phone with one hand, it seems easy to touch the display. But when testing, such situation did not occur. Screen touch work normally.

Xiaomi Note 2 Touch

Battery Performance
When it comes to battery capacity, Xiaomi Note 2 is equipped with a 4070mAh battery. It supports 3.0 fast charging. Although the 5.7inch display consumes battery greatly, the 1080P resolution helps relatively save battery. A fully charged battery of Xiaomi Note 2 can remain for one and a half days.

Camera of Xiaomi Note 2 is also improved. High resolution of the camera help you capture more details. The tint reducing power and white balance are outstanding. But the IMX 318 cuts the quality of the photo captured by Xiaomi Note 4. When shooting photos in low-light environment, there are some flaws like noises in the picture.

Xiaomi Note 2 Camera

User Rating: Four Stars

Wrapping up
Is Xiaomi Note 2 worth purchasing? The answer is a big "Yes". Although the phone is not perfect, the appearance and design of it is excellent. Besides, Xiaomi Note 4 is priced at a competitive price-only available at about RMB 406, which is affordable for most consumers.

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