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Best NFT Mobile Games for Android 2022

--By On March 9, 2022

Cryptocurrency-based NFT (Non-Fungible Token) games have surpassed all expectations. As a result, the industry has seen tremendous growth since its onset in 2017. These games use blockchain technology to; ascertain the history of ownership, ensure assets remain unaltered by securing them with blockchain, and games are accessible for all players to see and use.


The idea of making money while gaming seemed far-fetched in earlier years but is now a reality. Gamers can earn just like developers and other stakeholders in the gaming industry, unlike in past years where it was solely for entertainment. This article lists what we believe to be the topmost NFT games for Android in 2022.



Top Mobile NFT Games on Android

Gods Unchained

The Gods Unchained is an NFT game that is based on strategies. The game is rife in the mobile playing world as it offers play-to-earn services for mobile gamers. In this game, players can trade cards that include epic, rare, legendary, and shiny legendary.

These cards go further to determine the outcome of each level. They are represented as NFTs acquired in the game by the GODS that is a native token in the game used to buy the NFT cards. The gamers can also trade these cards at NFT marketplaces.



Football is the most popular game in the world. Having NFT games and leaving out football would be despicable. The Sorare is an NFT mobile game that is purely about football. The game is also card-based and has many footballers from leagues across Europe such as Laliga, Premier League, Bundesliga, and many others.

The cards have a set of different categories that are rare, limited, super rare, and unique. Players can create their teams and win matches after obtaining these cards. The game is exhilarating; the card's value is based on players' performance on the field. The cards are also traded in NFT markets.


Axie Infinity

This game has attracted well above 3 million players. The game is based on players battling it out for rewards. The game's main component is its axis which are the creatures used for battle. Both the creatures and rewards of the game are featured as NFTs, and players can proceed to trade them in other marketplaces.



The cryptokitties game is based on buying kitties. The kitties are represented as NFTs, and they are purchased and bred by cryptokitties. The continued breeding of kitties leads to an increase in assets possessed.

Players can trade these cryptokitties in marketplaces such as Opensea, where cryptokitties trading is widespread.


The Sandbox

This Sandbox game is a new entry into the NFT android gaming realm. The game is metaverse inspired, and it allows users to do normal human activities such as purchasing land and houses. The game uses a token called $SAND used in buying assets and can be traded to secondary marketplaces.


Final remarks

The current NFT craze can only be compared to wildfire. The idea of earning money while playing games has become a reality thanks to NFT, which cannot be understated. Many games are under development, and the NFT gaming world is set to change forever. Get an early start to have the upper hand before the market is flooded. The time to get those bucks with great entertainment has never been better.


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