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Free Tools to Manage Your Rooted Android - SuperUser vs SuperSu

--By On October 27, 2015


Android phones come with numerous applications pre-installed, which are also known as bundled setup. Such apps are rarely used. And some of these applications are space-occupied. And they slow down our Android phone. If you want to uninstall them, there is no other choice but rooting your Android phone. In this post, we will recommend two Android root managers – SuperUser vs. SuperSu. Below are introductions of them. Just have a peek.



Superuser, developed by ChainsDD, is the most widely used root app for Android users. The app is free of charge at Play Store. It is designed for those who would like to set which applications should be granted additional rights. Its paid version Superuser Elite offers advanced features. When you do not want to the root to be detected, get the Ghost mode for your Android. Also, you can get password protection for managing rights. Others like log and notification settings for each application are also available. If you are tired of the note "X has been granted Superuser permissions", disable it in notifications settings. More features will be unleashed later.



SuperSU is invented by Chainfire, considered as an advanced Android tool. This application improves everything about Superuser and adds more features. The free version of SuperSu provides faster notifications. It is possible to disable notifications for each app. Apps that require root rights, especially on Android 4.0 and above, will run at higher speed. With the paid version, which is named SuperSU, you can keep root rights that are usually cancelled after a system update. Besides, the app offers password protection and advanced log configuration settings.

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