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Excel in Android Development: 3 Best Online Courses

--By On April 9, 2021


These days, there are so many reasons to become a developer. It is a unique job opportunity that brings together creativity, technology, and business, and it also pays well. No wonder why so many people consider it as a career.


In the development industry, mobile development takes a special place. With the growing number of mobile devices people use daily, as well as the expanding functionality of these devices, mobile development is now on the rise. But, if you decide to become a mobile developer, which OS should you focus on?


Although to some, it may seem like Apple holds most of the market, iOS falls way behind Android in a number of users. According to the recent stats, Android can boast 71.81% of the mobile OS market share worldwide, which is pretty impressive. In fact, looking at this number, it seems quite reasonable to devote yourself to Android development, in particular.


But how to get started? We are here to help you get on the right track!


Top 3 Online Courses to Learn Android Development from Scratch


If you are thinking about becoming an Android developer, there are at least two reasons to do that:


• To make good money;


• To have a chance to work remotely from anywhere.


Sounds tempting, right? If yes, it might be just the time for you to get in touch with professional writers from a write essay for me service to delegate your college tasks if you are still in school or move your boring work to the background right now and devote your time to master the art of development! And here are some of the best online courses to help you with this:


1. Getting Started with Android Development, by Pluralsight


Pluralsight is a well-known online platform that offers a huge range of educational courses, video lessons, and other materials for developers, IT specialists, and creatives. This platform contains a large number of exceptional courses, but Getting Started with Android Development is definitely one of the best ones.


This course is perfect for those who’d like to build a skill from scratch. It covers everything beginners should know in order to start making their first steps in Android development, including lots of theory and a series of practical tasks that will help you develop your first app and deploy it into the marketplace.
And there is more, the platform offers a 10-day free trial, which is enough to complete the course (if you devote enough time to it) and develop some basic skills.


2. The Complete Android N Developer Course, by Udemy


Udemy is one more educational platform where users can discover thousands of courses provided by the best universities and industry experts. The platform contains courses on pretty much any subject, including a huge number of options in the Android development sector, but the #1 course is The Complete Android N Developer Course.


What makes this course great is that it teaches you the basics of development through hands-on practice. In this course, students build copies of famous apps like Whatsapp, Uber, and Instagram and acquire the needed skills and knowledge in the process.
Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? The best part is that this course is currently on sale; the full price for it is over $100, but now you can get it for as low as $11.99. Keeping in mind the high rating and plenty of positive reviews of this course, we believe that it is a worthy investment.


3. The Complete Android Developer Course: Beginner To Advanced, by Udemy


The next option on our list is one more course that can be found on Udemy. We have to admit that it is slightly less popular than The Complete Android N Developer Course, but it is still worth your attention.


Almost 100,000 students have already completed this course, and most of them rated it pretty high. The Complete Android Developer Course: Beginner To Advanced will teach you how to create great Android apps not only for smartphones but for other devices as well.
The good news is that this course is also on sale and available at the same low price as the previous one, so if you purchase it right now, it will be a great deal. By the way, the access is unlimited, so even if you won’t have time to complete it right now, you can still buy it at a 91% discount and complete it later.


The Bottom Line


Mastering Android development can open a wide array of earning opportunities in front of you. Starting a career in this field enables you to stay at the epicenter of technological progress and innovation at all times, work from anywhere in the world, and gain a stable, high income. And, what is even more exciting - it allows you to unleash your creativity and work on something truly interesting.


As you now know, the best part is that pretty much anyone can master this job even without leaving the comfort of their home. The online courses we shared with you in this article are among the most helpful ones in terms of learning Android development. And there are even more opportunities waiting for you out there. All you need is to find a course that suits you, and it will be the first step to your successful future career.


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