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4-inch iPhone 7c May Be Mass Produced Later This Month

--By On January 8, 2016


Yes, yes, we’re talking about the iPhone 7 already despite the fact that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are only a couple of months old. According to the latest reports, Apple will be engaged in a mass production of the iPhone 7c later this month. So, what exactly can we expect from the iPhone 7c, which is already being tipped as one of the thinnest iPhone? Let’s take a look at all the latest iPhone 7 rumors, leaks and announcements.

Release Date

A new report from China says that the iPhone 7c will be launched in April 2016. However, we all know that Apple tends to release the iPhones in September these years, so there also people saying that the iPhone 7 will probably arrive in September 2016.


Rumor suggests that the iPhone 7c will be slimmer than the 7.1mm-thick iPhone 6s, and it will have an all-metal design with a baseless display which would be a big change for the iPhone design. But it all remains to be seen.

iPhone 7


The iPhone 7c could have the glass-on-glass screen which is capable of a higher resolution like QHD or even a 4K display. And the size of the display screen could be 4-inch. That’s not entirely correct of course, because if the iPhone 7 does get higher resolution it might get bigger too.

OS and Power

The iPhone 7c will pack a hexa-core A10 chip, up from just a dual-core process in the iPhone 6s. But there is not likely to see any more RAM in the iPhone 7 because Apple just pushed the iPhone 6s up to 2GB only. So it will likely stick with that for a while. As for the OS, it’s expected to see that iPhone 7 land with iOS 10


Rumors also suggest that the price of the iPhone 7c could be around $400 - $500 in the USA.

More rumors:

- An unbreakable screen

- Speaker Shift

- Look ID

- Wireless charging

It’s all about the iPhone 7c that you need to know. And if that’s not enough, bookmark this website as we’ll continue to update more iPhone 7 rumors and leaks moving forward.


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