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Advantages of iPhone5s/5c in My Eye

--By On October 8, 2013


September 11th, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 was released on the news conference in California, America. Let me show you some advantages of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

iPhone 5C: Apple Company begins to pay attention to the middle-end market. iPhone5C have 5 colors with a plastic protective casing which is $29. It also possesses a Renita screen made of high-intensity polycarbonate and it strengthens the inner with stainless material. The two-year contract price is $99 for 16G, $199 for 32G. The Chinese official website of Apple company says that iPhone5C will be sold at 6 o'clock on September 3rd and make deliveries on September 20th. It is said that its price will reach 4488RMB.

iPhone 5S: There are two new ideas of iPhone 5s, one is that iPhone 5s has matching colors of grey, silver and gold. The other is that the LED light supplement lamp change into a larger one. iPhone5S adopts the newest 64-bit A7 processor. It has a build-in motion cooperation processor—Mr7. The two-year contract prices are still $199 for 16G at least and $229 for 32G while $399 for 64G. iPhone5s will charge 5288 RMB for 16G, 6088 RMB for 32G and 6888 RMB for 64G in Chinese mainland.

iOS 7: iOS 7 will release on September 18th. It carries mobile phone ringtone and iTune radio online broadcast software with it. iOS7 is compatible to iPhone 4/5/5C/5S, iPad 2/3/mini, new iPad and iPod Touch 4.

iWork: People think that iPhone can just be used for entertainment. But when iWork comes out, they realize that iWork can also used for work. Except for Pages, Numbers and Keynote included in iWork, applications like iPhoto, iMovie, can also free downloaded. The production efficiency of mobile company rises.

64-bit processor A7: When it comes to A7 processor, a 64-bit processor is first adopted on mobile phones. The new chip features the 64-bit desktop architecture, modernize instructions and over one billion transistors. The applicant that ios7 and apple have has upgraded to 64-bit. New chips bring the rapid growth of the performance of the CPU and GPU. As the amount of the applicant increase and the requirement improve, the speed that the chips operate becomes the foremost problem to solve.

Fingerprint authentication: The official name of Fingerprint authentication is Touch ID. The fingerprint authentication which was build-in on the Home key can achieve in all-round scanning. Its resolution is 500 ppi. And Touch ID is capable of 360-degree readability. You can use fingerprint identification for online iTune shopping. You don't need to input the password every time you buy things online. The advantages bring us lots of convenience.

Taking pictures in dim light: Some one says that in the past, to take photos in dark would influence the quality of the pictures. This time, Apple Company work hard to solve the problem by giving it a double flashlight. It is said that pictures took at night will no longer looks like a zombie.

Continuous shooting offered: Camera in iOS7 can set white balance automatically, and a 15 district matrix focus, you can choose one of the clearest pictures. The continuous shooting speed can reach 10FPS. It can carry 120FPS high definition and high speed video record of 720p. You don't need to worry that the pictures that you take is fuzzy.

When panorama by iPhone 5S camera, it can reach to 28 million pixels. In addition, the anti-trembling function upgrades. Apple Company doesn't take part in the battle of whose pixel is better, they expand the area of a single pixel to 1.5 micron to optimize the quality of the picture. Apple can deal with pictures that have a high definition basically.


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