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For Android Users: It's Time to Flash

--By On October 24, 2014


About Phone Flashing

Phone flashing is a technical term commonly heard among Android phone users. It refers to the process of changing or replacing configurations of original language, album, ringtone and software with a new one. Phone flashing is a way to bring optimal tweaks to the function of your phone. Flashing service can be provided by official phone producer or by the opposite.

So, in a nutshell, Phone flashing is an act to change your phone operating system, the same thing as installing different Windows version or reinstalling an operating system. So in a way you can interpret Phone flashing into "refreshing your phone OS".

Most of the phone versions are allowed to upgrade through flashing. Android 1.5 upgrading to 1.6 and higher share the same principle as Windows 98 to XP, and XP to Windows 7. Android users gain a lot of fun in flashing their handset while other phone owners say iOS and WP8, can only sit and watch.

Reasons to Flash Your Android Device

[Speed up Your Phone]
Being used over a long period of time, a freezing phone can be so annoying that makes you want to smash it. Before you go that far, try flashing your device.

[Get More Storage Space]
Configurations of some previous Android handsets are relatively low-end. By consistently checking the memory space, they can also run smoothly. But with undeletable and useless junks(such as pre-installed apps) that take up the internal memory, you wonder how to uninstall pre-installed apps. Well, flashing your phone is always a good option.

[NO More System Breakdown]
System software failures caused by unknown reasons can also saved by flashing firmware.
[Customize Like Never Before]Get tired of the interface of your phone?You are not alone. There are seas of installation packages you can search online, created by brilliant IT geeks who are just as novelty seeking as you are. "Flashing up" and become the master of your own device!

[Get the latest version of Android]
Many manufacturers will update their previous Android phones but not all those changes are supposed to be better. If you have an older device and want to run the latest version of Android, flashing your phone is just the right thing to do. Receiving updates from official phone producer can not count as flashing but an installation packages released by phone producer does.

Last Words:
Flash does give you a bunch more options with what you can do with your Android device, but there's still chance for things to go wrong and possibly rendering your device unusable. You may need some notes of flashing ROM on Android phone or backup your Android phone data in case things go wrong. Now "flashing up", and good luck!


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