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Best Android Games For Couples

--By Takeshi Hoshino On October 9, 2018


In this article, the GamesMojo provides an overview of the most captivating mobile games for Android. These games are perfect for couples and can be enjoyed by two players. Give them a try and pick up ones that match your expectations best!


In a nutshell

QuizUp has a lot in common with Trivia, but in this game, you can connect with other users including your loved ones and share interesting topics and hobbies. Isn’t that what you’re looking for?

Game Description

It’s a brain challenge that combines most valuable features of your favorite social networks and trivia game. Here you can find colorful and bright graphics, nicely structured knowledge sections and convenient user interface. The controls layout is easy and understandable even for those who play QuizUp for the first time: the buttons are large enough and require no additional comments.

Like any other quizzes, this one has immense replay value – you can involve your mate, friends, and family in playing with your by sharing topics that you prefer.

● Intellectual development;
● Easy navigation;
● Interaction with partners.

● May be not suitable for relaxation;
● Considerable number of ads;
● Some bugs that are fixed later.

Bottom line

A good choice for couples that enjoy brain challenges and intellectual kind of leisure.



In a nutshell

Spaceteam is an amusing word game for a company of friends: you are to shout out loud senseless technical terms during the tremendous spaceship crash.

Game Description

Spaceteam was created to help you relieve stress: and it works well. Straightforward and extremely simple interface with spaceship control buttons, basic interface color theme – only you and your 1-7 friends onboard! Replay value is obvious if you need to let your emotions out. Otherwise, the game may not be as interesting as for the first time.

● Simple and easy-to-play;
● Coordinated teamwork;
● A lot of noise and laughter together.

● Good for a few gameplays;
● Users report some minor bugs and devs don’t answer rapidly enough.

Bottom line
It’s a great choice for emotional and hilarious remote communication with your partner and/or friends


Ticket to Ride

In a nutshell

It’s a must-have Android game for those, who enjoy Ticket to Ride board game. Expect the extended set of features and valuable gameplay.

Game Description

Ticket to Ride is created based on the original board game concept. The basic free game mode offers enough fun features but paid 2 mini-expansions have two game variations each and have an affordable price. The game has a multiplayer mode, and players can use different devices and platforms (laptop and mobile, Android and iOS for example): up to five players on the same screen.

● Extremely captivating game plot;
● Cross-platform and cross-device support for multiple users;
● Well-designed and well-supported product.

● Paid extensions (which are the most interesting);
● Original board game fans may be willing more features.

Bottom line
It is recommended for couples and companies, who enjoy adventures, board games and fun like that.

The Verdict

We collected various Android games for couples and great online friend parties. QuizUp is brain-challenging, Spaceteam is weird and makes a lot of fun, and Ticket to Ride is amazing for adventure enthusiasts.

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