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Useful APP to Manage Messages on Your Android - SMS Backup and Restore

--By On November 19, 2015


SMS and MMS, respectively for short message service and multimedia message service, are greatly significant messaging service component of mobile communication systems that records joyful, memorable, and significant moments of our live. With the mounting needs of messages, SMS backup service becomes a growing market. If you usually text your friends and family, you need the useful APP to manage messages on your Android - SMS Backup and Restore.

Backup: SMS Backup and Restore is a simple app that backs up and restores all messages in your Android phones, including SMS and MMS. You can enable time setting and regularly back up your messages. Once backed up, your messages are stored in the internal storage of your phone. If you have Dropbox/Google Drive in your phone, you can sync backup to Dropbox/Google Drive by installing Add-on APP on Android and logging into Dropbox/Google Drive.

Create New Backup

Restore: Accidentally deleted all messages? You can restore them via SMS Backup and Restore. If you have previously backed up your messages, now you can hit the “Restore” button and retrieve them. If they are backed up to Dropbox/Google Drive/Email, you can sign in the app and download your backup.

Restore Backup

View & Manage: SMS Backup and Restore allows you to view backup conversations before restoring. You can remove some certain messages from the backup. And it is available to share texts and MMS via Bluetooth and SMS app. If you would like to delete messages, you can also use this app.

View Conversation

In the latest posts, we will show you SMS backup and restore on Android and ways to share messages with this app. Have a peek if you are interested in it.

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