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Apple Watch 2 Rumors: Let us Loop You in

--By On April 22, 2016


Wearables still haven’t occupied the world temporarily, but it didn’t stop the Apple Watch from getting the feat to sell 3 million units in its first three months. Actually, the Apple Watch is not a perfect product, and it is a popular one thanks to the company’s huge success with iPhone. But what’s the next plan for the Apple remains unknown. Not only customers, but rivals wonder what the Apple Watch 2 will look like.

Recent rumors said that the Apple Watch 2 release date would fall in April, with a special event launch event set for March, a smart band involving LED notification light included at the same time. Some sources told the Apple Watch 2 production began in January, but that is refuted. Instead, the Apple plans to delay the launch of the Apple Watch 2 until autumn, not in March.


The new watch is expected to be like this: big storage and long battery life.

There was no Apple Watch 2 on the launch event, which took place on March 21. However, a 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPhone SE and a nylon Apple Watch band came out. Therefore, the launch time of Apple Watch 2 remains surmising.

We have some clues about the watch though when the Apple Watch 2 will actually launch is still unclear. The first-generation Apple Watch was announced in September 2014, it only became available for pre-order on April 10, 2015, and it was released officially on April 24. According to the inner supply chain, the Apple Watch 2 will not launch before April, and chances are that its launch might coincide with Apple’s next iPhone launch event in September.

The Apple Watch was originally rumored to launch at September Launch Event, but reports of supply chain issues could explain the delayed release date. A report by United Daily News pointed out another Apple Watch 2 release date.

According to the report, which cites Quanta’s chairman Barry Lam, the Apple Watch 2 release date could be in June. Apple has informed Changshu Branch of Quanta to grow shipment in January, at which the workers of Changshu Branch would rise rapidly to 40 thousand. The Apple Watch would begin shipping in Q3, but that overall shipments would not have a great acceleration.


Compared to the first generation, the Apple Watch 2 will hopefully bring huge upgrades. As for hardware, we expect to see a new version of the S2 Processor. Watch OS 2 has come out, from which we can find out some improvements and modifications, for example, support of local Apps, Wi-Fi, video playing, E-mail replying, and FaceTime voice call from the watch directly.

Perhaps, the Apple Watch 2 would have all-new wireless chips, allowing users to finish communication tasks without pairing with iPhone, independently. Some sources even say that the Apple Watch 2 would have a camera to realize FaceTime video call, but not only voice call.

Some sources tell that the Apple Watch 2 will continue the visual design of the first-generation, but not a round one, which is highly reliable according to the former product conception of Apple. At the moment, we are not sure what material the new Apple Watch 2 will adopt, maybe titanium, platinum, and even liquid metal. Apple will fix different prices to enrich production patterns. Moreover, Apple will thicken the dial of the watch in order to improve the bad condition of the battery in the first generation with a bigger capacity.

At the same time, there’s also a chance we might see 3D Touch replacing Force Touch on the Apple Watch 2 as the same as iPhone 6s.

Apple Watch 2


Apple has always done well in design, and that virtue is no exception when trying to promote a watch. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch received quite a mixed response with regard to design. Some praise the classical Apple design, while others laughed at the device because it didn’t look like a watch. We’re still not sure how Apple plans to change the physical look of the Apple Watch 2, but we’d say it’s unlikely that Apple will adopt a common style approach of typical watch design.

In terms of key specifications, the Apple Watch shipped in two versions, that 38mm and 42mm maintains. A possible Apple Watch 2 upgrade could see the resolution varied. While it seems improbable that Apple will eventually launch an Apple Watch with Retina display, we still expect Apple to continue its trend of using sapphire glass on the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition.


As for the hardware, it’s generally expected that the Apple Watch 2 will feature an upgraded version of the Apple S1 Processor. The S1 had a 520MHz clock rate, was built using a 28nm manufacturing process. We believe a higher clock rate in the next S2 processor, a more efficient manufacturing process, and possibly a dual-core configuration. In addition, Apple could also introduce a more powerful one than the current PowerVR SGX543. Further, the first-generation Apple Watch also featured 512MB of RAM and 8GB of storage would be upgraded, too.


We never expect the Apple Watch to have an outstanding battery life, considering that few smart watches work for one week after a full charge except for Pebble. Generally, smart watches work for about a day and a half after a full charge.

It’s terrible to charge the smart phone once a day, so it’s even tiring to charge the smart watch everyday, which is the reason why many people are reluctant to purchase the Apple Watch. Therefore, we expect that Apple is able to solve the problems above in the Apple Watch 2 with a better battery life. We don’t expect the Apple Watch 2 to have a one-week-or-more battery life, but maybe a three-day life is worth considering.


Some are satisfied with the square dial of the Apple Watch, which may maintain in the Apple Watch 2. However, like 2 sizes offered, Apple is likely to offer various shapes, for instance, square and round, aiming at attraction by users.


The outlook of the Apple Watch is smaller that most of rivals’, but it has a thicker body, which is a pity. So, we expect Apple to promote a lighter body to make it better.
Android Compatibility

Google has launched Android Wear apps for iOS with part of the compatibility now. Likewise, why can’t Apple support Android on the Apple Watch 2? It obviously raises the amount of potential users to some extent, but, certainly, it is a term of tactics.

Apple Watch 2


One of the biggest selling points of the Apple Watch is that it can act as a health kit, but Apple planned to add more sensors according to former rumors.

The heart rate sensor has been impressive, which makes it one of the most accurate heart rate monitors. We expect the Apple Watch 2 to have more advanced sensors, for example, blood pressure, blood oxygen content, pressure level and so on.


It is a defect that the Apple Watch does not contain GPS, maybe due to the non-outstanding battery life. The Apple Watch seems not an omnipotent sporting watch lack of GPS. We hope the battery life improved, built-in GPS supported, resulting in more functions.


It is an excellent design when we mention the digital crown of the Apple Watch, its user interface pay too much attention to rotation, but less on click. Actually, it is not bad because of the small display, so it is wise to avoid touch with fingerprint. However, click seems to be more direct, considering that most of smart devices interact with users by touch, especially one accustomed to click and slide in iPhone.


We cannot say that the resolution is mean, but some pixels can be seen when an imitation dial displayed. The visual experience can be optimized by enhancing the resolution.

The resolution differs from 340*272 and 390*312 due to the size of the dial. The resolution is decent when compared to rivals, considering the small screen. Actually, there is no smart watches provided with sharp, clear screen, but we still expect the Apple Watch 2 to deploy a clearer screen.


Products by Apple are often expensive, and the Apple Watch seems to be a luxury, so the price is reasonable. It is predicted that Apple will increase styles of material, which enlarges the span of the price without a doubt. We hope that the basic version sets a low price relative to the high-end one, so it is tolerable for more users.


The Apple Watch has 8GB storage, enough for a smart watch, but it only provides 2GB for music and 75MB for photos. The Apple Watch 2 focuses on independent Apps experience without pair with iPhone according to forecast, so we hope the Apple Watch 2 has a bigger storage to store more music and photos.

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