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Apple's Rainbow Logo and Color Scheme of iOS 7

--By On July 18, 2013


As iOS 7 Beta 3 download version is released on July 8, iOS 7 has been available for more than one month. Have you experienced the new fantastic feelings iOS 7 brings to you?

iOS 7 is completely changed from what we are used to in Apple's designs. Debates and arguments are still on. The new Apple's rainbow logo and color scheme of iOS 7 are all thought to be garish as they are too candy-colored. What's the reason of such big change? Maybe we can get some answers from the recent reports by the media.

To data back, we can see the Apple logo has experienced the change from colorful designs to commercial black, and now, back to multi-color outlooks. The interface under iOS 7 is more vibrant, and the color scheme is made up of primary colors and flatter, with less gloss on it. So, the Apple's rainbow logo and color scheme of iOS 7 are actually inspired by the original Apple logo?

Take a look at the rainbow colors in the original classic logo and then look at the new iOS 7 logo, it seems that they indeed have similarities. Therefore, new changes of Apple logo will have unique effects on its future products undoubtedly. Apple's rainbow logo and color scheme of iOS 7 will be used in iPhone 5S. Apple lovers can enjoy the totally new interface it brings. Better or worse? It is all your taste.


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