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5 Apps for Android about Vaping

--By Takeshi Hoshino On June 21, 2018


You have been looking for your first electronic cigarette for so long, read a lot of resources (blogs, forums), tried some liquids. Now you may have some questions on how to make your vaping process easier or you want to become a professional. Many vapers like to know all the novelties of the latest technologies up in the market. Most beginners want to know how to choose e-cigarette brand and look for the review from real people so that they can make the decision. There are some vape apps that make updates very often so that their users will know about everything related to electronic cigarettes and vaping.

But what’s the best vaping app to help you calculate something? Which apps will take all the tedious calculation out of DIY mixing? Here are the top 5 vaping apps for Android that you should get right away.


Vape tool pro

By using Vape Tool Pro, you can store data about your vapes, find out which liquids are more suitable for the type of winding in your Vapingdaily best vape. You can also save information about the battery power and more. It can not be said that Vape Tool Pro is suitable only for beginners, who are developing their vaping skills. It will be also useful for experienced vapers because with the program it is effortless to configure the process of optimizing the work of their mods. So what hat is the feature of the application?

Its uniqueness is in the fact that it independently selects the basic proportions of the composition of the liquid, depending on what characteristics of the winding you prescribe. Initially, the program has such types of spirals as Twisted Coil, Ribbon Wire, Clapton Coil, Parallel Coil. Taking into account all the information about the coils and the battery, the user can adjust the power supply on the spiral himself. On the screen of the mobile phone, the user will see data on the current strength, mod power, voltage, and resistance.

Taking as a basis the customized characteristics, the program will calculate the optimal battery life and how much puffs can make a vaper throughout the day. The application makes it possible to store recipes for your favorite liquids for each type of spiral. In addition to all the advantages, the program has a vast series of informative materials about everything from the world of vaping: atomizers, box modes, liquids, windings, regulation of the blowing system, etc.

It's worth spending only 20 MB of phone memory to install this find in your smartphone. The application runs on Android 4.1 platforms.


The Smokio app was created to allow your best vape to synchronize with it directly. It saves the amount of times you take puffs from the e-cig, monitors the vitals recovery such as the blood oxygenation and heart rate. It is a good app for people who have finally quit smoking and now looking to motivate themselves to keep going. It synchronizes automatically with the electronic cigarette even when the phone is not in sight.

E-Juice Me Up

This is a basic DIY mixing calculator, but it’s free and gives detailed results in ml, drops and a percentage of the final juice. This calculator is for people who are into making exactly DIY ejuice. It allows users to create their unique mixtures of the e-liquids with vegetable glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), water and nicotine levels and find the best nicotine strength and flavoring percentage depending on how you like. If you are not used to working with spreadsheets, then this app is straightforward to use. You can also share your recipe with friends and other forum members, so it creates a unique opportunity to be the part of like-minded people.


E-Cig Diary

If you're a real vaper, but you have not heard about this program yet, after reading the article, you will just immediately go to Google Play and download it. For real - if you have an electronic cigarette, then this is a perfect app for you. It allows users to keep track of their spendings on vapes and accessories using cigs coupons or vaporbeast coupons. It allows you to monitor the daily nicotine, tar and CO level you are inhaling so you can calculate to details your consuming. You can also share things on your social networks or personal websites or blog just through this app. It also has some basic tools (for mixing e-juice, estimating your battery lifespan and an Ohm’s law calculator), although you can only use them a limited number of times if you don’t click on some banner ads or upgrade to the paid version.

Vapor Shop

Vapor Shop is a paradise for vapers who are ready to spend money for new and new things. From vapes to electronic cigarettes to accessories, it offers a big range of devices from different companies at best possible price so you can choose something that fits your budget. They update the products catalogs daily, and usually, the app can offer significant discounts. They pride themselves on giving the best possible prices on dabber discount and various products such as vaporizers,clearomizers, starter kits, mods, atomizers, e-cig batteries, disposable cigarettes and many other things that you may need for a great vaping shopping experience. This app is the best choice for people looking to order products while on the go.

So, if you want to be in vogue with the latest information about the vaping world and want to shop directly from your smartphone, then you definitely should download these apps on your android smartphone and start using them immediately. If you have an Android device, you really have a great choice, including a lot of apps like Vape Tool which was first in the list, that could easily be your one and only vaping app. Because the majority of the apps are free, it’s worth looking through them all - discover all the options to see what fits you best before downloading on.

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