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Becoming a Mobile App Quality Assurance: Challenges and Solutions

--By On February 21, 2019


Quality assurance challenges for a mobile app developer

There are millions of mobile apps out there, so competition for success is fierce. Any good developer needs to make sure that they have a product which is easy to navigate and provides value. If they do not do this their app is likely to get uninstalled, and replaced by an app from another developer.

There is no certainty of an app being successful, but good quality assurance can give it the best possible chance. Any developer who wants to achieve success needs to take time to develop quality assurance skills and skills around completing their development projects. They can learn IT project management at and also use online resources to update their knowledge of quality assurance techniques, in order to give their design projects the best chance of success. There are certain areas of quality assurance that are most important when seeking this success.

Creating a positive user experience

Good user experience is essential if an app is to be successful. Users should intuitively be able to understand an app and make full use of its features. Developers need to ensure that this is the case, no matter which type of mobile device is being used. Considerations that should be paramount in this area include:

• Enabling flexible screen orientation.

• Making login simple, if it's necessary at all.

• Reducing the need for scrolling.

The user experience should be as seamless, smooth and simple as possible.

Ensuring reliable connectivity

Mobile users expect to be able to load an app quickly (less than three seconds). They also expect to be able to use an app uninterrupted, without it crashing. Developers need to test their apps extensively, to make sure that connectivity is reliable. They need to undertake certain tasks as part of this testing.

• Checking how different levels of battery charge affect connectivity.

• Testing memory and CPU.

• Testing with different networking situations.

Thorough testing means that the app is likely to be more successful when it's released.

Compatibility with hardware and operating systems

It's impossible to completely ensure app compatibility with hardware and operating systems (OS) in every scenario as there are so many potential combinations out there. However, it is possible to try and determine which hardware and OS are the most likely to be used, by establishing the target audience for the app. Testing should then be primarily focussed on these hardware and OS scenarios.

App security

App security is a high priority, given the prevalence of data theft and loss, and the numerous violations of privacy that can occur in the digital world. Apps should not leak personal data and put the identity of a user at risk of being stolen by hackers. If an app is not fully tested for security issues before release, the developer puts the security of all users at risk.
Quality assurance is something that every app developer needs to pay attention to. It's not enough to simply put an app out into a crowded market. A successful developer makes sure that the app provides a good user experience, has a high level of compatibility and is secure.

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