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Best Tricks on Dating Apps

--By On March 25, 2019


tricks on dating apps

There is no universal opinion on online dating; everyone thinks of it differently. Someone thinks that this is a waste of time, while others celebrate the wedding with their new partner, which they've found through the Internet. With confidence, we can only say one thing: the popularity of dating sites is growing day by day. The explanation for this is simple: in this way you can communicate with people from any country, of any age and status, which means that you can increase your chance to find a person with similar interests and tastes. But how can you increase your chances even further?

How to increase your chances of finding a partner in Dating Apps?

● Your profile is your marketing strategy. You are not on a job interview; therefore, don't oversaturate your profile.

● Choice of a photo. It goes without saying, your profile pic is the most important aspect of your image. While of course, there may be other aspects of your character, like your personal description that may get a person to ignore you, but still, you have to pick the right photo, the best one you have.

● Describe your character. In a profile, you may have to list the main aspects of your personality. This should not demotivate you from being honest and creative. After all, it will make the entire process a lot easier. You have to specify your intentions, your desires; don't be too negative or cocky about yourself and be rational.

● Positivity and honesty. As we've said, honesty is extremely important in the process of online dating. However, there are some important things to consider. First off, don't disclose any personal information to strangers, don't share your intimate photos, don't give out anything that may get used against you. With that being said, honesty is the main deciding factor in whether you will be able to find a partner for a strong relationship. You should not hide behind masks.

● Update your profile from time to time. We are all bound to our emotions in any given situation or a period of life, and we all change our opinion and ways by which we go about doing things, even if we aren't able to notice it. Thus, for people to net look at your past self, you should update your profile from time to time.

● Increase your rating. Some people go too far with this. You should not spend money to get to the top of the ratings, but it wouldn't hurt to be active; fill in all the information that is needed in order to get you more popular.

Other important tips:

While of course, the main point of using a dating service is to find a dating partner, you should focus your attention on this specific goal, but you should not forget about your privacy and security. Here are some other things to consider in order to make your experience with dating services easier and more secure.

● Do not get registered or enter your credit card information on a new or unpopular dating service. When it comes to dating services, you should not get caught in supporting smaller services because of pity; the bigger the service, the more protected your private information will be.

● It will be logical, coming from the first point, to use a different e-mail for your dating services. Even if you aren't experimenting with niche and unpopular services, don't risk things that are important to you, stay anonymous.

● The next thing is this, don't talk about boring topics with the people you meet; no one wants to hear your stories about how tired you are after work or how loud is your neighbor's cat. Find neutral topics and discuss them.

● Fourthly, you should meet a new acquaintance IRL after just a few days or a week after meeting each other in an app. One of the upsides of this is that you will be more comfortable in each other's company. If a user acts weird, constantly find excuses to not meet you in real life, then maybe it's just a fraud account. You may have to contact a customer support service. The same goes for cases in which you are getting blatantly offender or sent intimate photos or videos without your request or consent.

● Show your non-standard hobbies. Most of the profiles are written using the same template: “I am kind, good, I am humble and honest, I love children and animals, I love to watch movies, listen to music and travel.” If you want to find a person who will suit you in all respects, then you should change this algorithm. If you love animals and spend your weekends at a shelter for stray dogs, then write that your heart belongs to the animal world. If you are an avid traveler, do not be afraid of describing your morning in Rome and your dream to visit the Sistine Chapel in the company of a beloved person.

● Turn your weaknesses into strengths. If you've ever been to a dating site, then you might think that all users of dating services are pure angels. However, this is not the case: no one is perfect. When filling in your profile, remember not only to talk about your strengths, but also about weaknesses, try to present your flaws as cute quirks. Imagine that you are too hot-tempered and sometimes your emotions get the better of you. In this case, you should write that in moments of anger you look like a boiling kettle, but if you find a someone that can blow off your steam, you turn into a cute kitty. Only in this way you will make your profile truly unique.

The process of online dating may be the best journey you've ever had in your life. There will be some obstacles in your way, but this is life, nothing comes free. But it is still relatively easy to find a partner online if you are open to it.

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