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Career Prospects with Cisco CCNA Security Certification - How to Prepare with ExamSnap?

--By On June 13, 2019

Network’s security is an important requirement of every organization in today’s world. Cisco is a popular name in the league of networking and telecommunications. Cisco doesn’t only help organizations stay in touch with the world modern technologist but it also protects their information from hackers. For that, it offers the CCNA Security certification for individuals that want both make a career and contribute to the network security of the organizations. Though the whole career path covers associate, professional and expert levels, this article is dedicated to the CCNA Security credential.

The CCNA Security certification validates your skills of developing security infrastructure, mitigating security threats, and recognizing threats and vulnerabilities to networks. The credential can be gained by passing only one exam - 210-260 IINS. It’s mainly used to test your competency in the technologies that are used in the security structure of Cisco.

The Cisco 210-260 test is designed to check your skills of installing, monitoring, and troubleshooting a secure network to maintain availability, confidentiality, and integrity of data and devices. This certification is particularly designed for candidates that already have the CCNA R&S or any CCIE certification or for those who have gained the CCENT credential. It’s really important to understand that CCNA Security certification is valid for three years only. It means that before the expiration date, you’d have to pass one of the active 300-XXX or 642-XXX exams, or pass the CCIE or CCDE written exam.

Cisco CCNA Security Certification

Details about Cisco 210-260 exam

So, 210-260 exam consists of 60-70 multiple choice, drag-and-drop, and simlet type of questions. The duration of the exam is 90 minutes and it’s currently available in English and Japanese. This test determines that you have a better understanding of the core security concepts. It also shows that you’re proficient in dealing with secure access, intrusion prevention, firewalls, VPN encryption, endpoint security, and web and email content security.

Career Prospects with CCNA Security Certification

The CCNA Security certification is getting very popular these days as there are many organizations that are looking for individuals that have earned this credential. So, it’s a great option for those who want to boost their value in the industry of security and work with Cisco’s products and services. Here is the information about the jobs you can get with the CCNA Security certification.

Network Engineer

Network Engineers are responsible for managing computer network designs and implementations of their employer. They are also responsible for updating the system’s security and firewall software regularly. The recruiters usually look for network engineers that have a better understanding of a wide range of technologies including routing, firewall, cryptographic tunneling, and others. The things will become a lot easier for you if you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology.

In addition, network engineers are also supposed to troubleshoot different network and computer system problems. And the interesting part is that these certified specialists earn annually $71,586 on average. So, it’s not a bad deal at all.

Network Security Engineer

With the CCNA Security certification, you can apply for the role of Network Security Engineer. The Network Security Engineer is involved in the configuration, deployment, provisioning, and administration of different security-related hardware and software products such as routers, switches, firewall, VPNs, and other network monitoring tools. As a Network Security Engineer, you’d also have to perform network-based security risk assessments on a regular basis.
The Network Security Engineer also creates reports of security incidents that took place in an organization over a specific period of time. This job role pays you around $84,521 on average. However, it’s a tough job and we don’t recommend applying for this job unless you have at least 2 years of hands-on experience.



Security Engineer

Security Engineers need to increase the security of their organization by developing effective computing solutions. Fixing existing security issues is also one of their important job roles. It’s really essential to have a better understanding of prevention protocols and intrusion detection otherwise, you won’t qualify for the job. The security engineers possess a high understanding of computer forensics along with exceptional incident-response skills.
It’s really important to have strong communication skills if you want to succeed as a security engineer in your organization because you’d be implementing new strategies with the help of other engineers and professionals. The average salary of a security engineer is around $88,575 per year.

Information Security Analyst

The companies hire information security analysts to find security solutions for different problems. They need to maximize productivity and develop secure strategies by conducting proper research. The information security analyst follows strict privacy policies when implementing security principles. These specialists are really good at detecting security threats and vulnerabilities. They also monitor logs and computer traffic frequently.

The information security analyst must also have a better understanding of operating company infrastructure including firewalls, routers, and hardware devices. The CCNA Security certified professionals are currently earning $70,505 on average.

There are many other high paying jobs you can avail with the CCNA Security certification. It’s an incredible opportunity for those who want to increase their worth in the networking world.

Preparation tips for Cisco 210-260 IINS exam

To pass any certification exam you need to be fully prepared, and 210-260 exam is not an exception. Cisco experts have developed the "Implementing Cisco Network Security" course for individuals that want to prepare for this test. The candidates should visit the E-learning store where they can find the exam preparation materials. Cisco has also developed the Cisco Modeling labs to provide hands-on experience to individuals. Similarly, they have developed the CCNA Security study group for candidates that want to find the answer to different questions.

The study material available on Cisco’s site is perfect for your exam preparation. Make sure that you’ve gone through the entire list to build strong skills. The candidates are highly recommended to practice their skills as it enables you to find a solution in a quick manner. Make sure that you take help from the exam dumps to validate your knowledge before appearing in the exam.

Platforms like ExamSnap are the ideal option for those who need access to the up-to-date exam dumps. ExamSnap is known for sharing dumps designed and uploaded by the real exam takers. And the files are available in .vce format and can be opened with the help of the VCE Software. This tool simulates the real exam environment and you get the skills to manage your time wisely at the exam.

The best thing about ExamSnap is that it offers the latest exam dumps free of charge. The candidates are recommended to use the Premium Bundle where they can find access to 320 Questions & Answers. Moreover, you’d find access to a training course that consists of 33 Lectures. The interesting part is price, as you can get the whole package for the $39.97 only.

As it has been mentioned, ExamSnap also offers a precious collection of training courses for candidates that want to strengthen their knowledge before appearing in the exam. Make your preparation process efficient by using it.


To sum up, the CCNA Security certified professionals are high in demand. The companies are ready to offer a hefty amount of money for hiring certified specialists, as with the CCNA Security credential you can apply for a number of job positions, such as Network Engineer, Network Security Engineer, Security Engineer, and Information Security Analyst. To gain this credential, you need to pass 210-260 exam. The skills you get with this certification are enough for boosting your career and earning the CCNP and CCIE credentials. For easing your path, use the most valid prep materials from the vendor’s website and ExamSnaponline platform as well. Wish you success!

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