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What Will Be Changed for the Home Button on iPhone 7

--By On August 23, 2016

Recently, Apple plans to unveil its next-generation smartphone: iPhone 7. We can hear so much suspicion about the device coming from the news that was leaking out, even though it does not exist yet. People pay high attention to the changes of this upcoming new iPhone. If you are the crazy fans of the iPhone, you must have heard a lot of speculation like the earpiece cutout, relocated ambient light sensor and the two cameras system. Now, some rumors point out that a flush pressure-sensitive home button may become a reality.

Home Button of iPhone 7

Since the year of 2007, Apple released the first generation iPhone with this little circle button, and it is all along with every generation of iPhone. If iPhone 7 does abandon a physical home button, and it adopts a pressure sensitive home button instead, will you miss the older one?
Let's discuss about the home button on iPhone to see what will be changed.

Force Touch
Some reliable rumors suggested that force touch technology will be built into the home button of iPhone 7. Just like Force Touch trackpad on MacBook Pro, the home button on iPhone 7 could provide you with haptic feedback when your press it.

Force Touch for Home Button

Taptic Engine
Taptic is a portmanteau of "tap" and "haptic feedback". Just like the meaning of its portmanteau, you can get haptic feedback, which make the mechanical click more realistic.

I can find the evident that Apple tends to promote Taptic Engine on the pressure sensitive home button. Just look around the recent iPhones and Apple Watch, Apple always try to build Taptic Engine into the product. So I think this technology would be used in the home button of iPhone 7.

Taptic Engine for Apple watch

Actually, I think the pressure sensitive home button would be good news for iPhone users. It is obvious that the physical home button would get loose and malfunction happens sometimes. But for pressure sensitive one, it won't be a problem anymore. And the other important reason is that it can improve water resistance with the pressure sensitive home button, which is the selling point of iPhone 7.



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