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9 Tips in choosing the Best Headphones for any kind of Android Devices

--By Takeshi Hoshino On May 9, 2018


It doesn't matter whether you own the Galaxy Note or the One Plus, you would want to ensure that you have the right headphone to match it up.
Whether it be watching movies or listening to music or even playing games on your Android device, the right headphone can make everything a lot more exciting. However, the question is - how do you which is the right one for you?



| The Top Tips to Help You Get the Right Headphone for Yourself |

You will find many headphones of different types of Android devices in the market. The massive range of choices can overwhelm anyone looking to buy one.
Today we will explore the diverse range of headphones in the market and help you decide the right one with helpful tips.


1. Different types of headphones
Different headphones go with different styles. If you are an athlete, it makes sense to go for a wireless set of headphones. But if you want to enjoy some music on your Android at home, a circumaural headphone would be ideal. Let's find out the different types of headphones you can get-

· Circumaural headphones cover the whole and outside of your ear with comfortable padding suitable for long hours of music. They are bulky with a great bass response and sound quality due to the encompassing pads.
· On-ear or supra-aural headphones provide less padding and cover less of your ear but comes with sound isolation. The fit of the headphones may become uncomfortable over time.
· In-ear headphones or earbuds fit right into the ear and makes a portable choice for people on the go.


2. Define your Purpose
If you want to listen to music at home, then circumaural headphones can be a good choice. Super-aural headphones are suited who try out DJing on their Android apps. But if you are just looking to catch your favorite songs on the go, an earbud would suffice.



3. Consider the Mobility Factor
It is related to the point we discussed above. If you are at home and don't mind something bulky, then you are right. In-ear headphones are suitable for traveling like passing the time on your train travel. But still, they form a hindrance for mobility for people such as athletes and law enforcement personnel. If that is the case, then you should consider the next tip.


4. Wireless Android Headphones
You must have mistaken other people talking to you only when they were conversing on their wireless headset?
Connectivity technologies like IR and Bluetooth have enabled the production of wirelesses headphones that don't come with any wires.
You connect them to your Android via Bluetooth and enjoy your podcasts without the problem of getting entangled wires.
Wireless headphones have their playback and volume controls but rely on rechargeable batteries for their operation.


5. Noise Isolation Headphones
Areas mostly in urban locations suffer from noise and traffic chaos which may hinder your music enjoyment. Some headphones use design aspects such heavy padding, cover more of your ear or are a direct plugin.
These noise isolation techniques are suitable for reducing the ambient noise and help you concentrate on your audio.


6. Noise Canceling Headphones
Noise cancellation headphones work on the same principles of noise isolation as what reviews an overview on this and found out that it achieves through some technical techniques.
The headphones have inbuilt microphones which analyzing the surrounding sounds. It then produces an opposite sound wave to eliminate the ambiance noise from entering your ears.
It's a better technology than noise isolation at cutting down extra noises but comes for an added expense.


7. Sound Quality
You may be convinced that all the reviews of the headphones on the internet are genuinely left by happy customers. But in many cases, such reviews and comments have been pushed by the brand under fake IDs or bribing customers with free samples.

If you want to check out the sound quality, you should look for independent authority sites which don't promote affiliate links. Still, better is to go to a physical shop and try it out for yourself or borrow from friends.



8. Comfort
Comfort is one of the top priorities of audiophiles- why won't they want a headphone that is comfortable and also produces excellent sound quality!

Look for the padding on the headband and the ear guards so that you don't feel any pain or tiredness. A lightweight headphone also fits the choice, and you can use it for prolonged hours.
If you are going for earbuds, see that you get a variety of tips to fit the shape of your ear. Aftermarket earbud can also do the trick and keep your cozy inside your ear.


9. Headphones for Kids

· Children’s headphones deserve a special consideration
· You have risk of them getting entangled in the wires
· Kid headphones have auto volume limiting functions which doesn't damage the ears
· Children like colorful and bright headphones with funny and cartoon characters
· The headphones need to be extra durable as kids are prone to handle them roughly



| How should you go about it? |

Look at what you need and what the headphone offers to get the right deal. Compare everything from the features to the cost and check whether you need the features on offer.
For instance, you may or may not prefer noise cancellation, and that's a decision solely on you. If you do decide to get one, do remember you will need to shell out some extra bucks.
The best way to choose a headphone is to get it on, play your favorite beats and check the sound and audio quality for yourself. Nothing can beat that!

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