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Christmas Gifts in Different Countries

--By On December 18, 2014


Just few more days before Christmas, have you finished writing your wishing list? Before you jump to fast, let’s see what people around a globe have on their lists and what kind of gifts they received every year.


Africa: People in Congo who attend Christmas worship service will lay down their gift upon the raised platform near the Communion table. If you don’t give a gift, you don’t attend this service. On the west coast of Africa, Cotton cloth, soap, sweets, pencils and books are commonly exchanged as gifts.

Austria & Czech Republic: In Austria, the saint accompanied by the devil asks children for a list of their good and bad deed. Good children are given sweets, toys and nuts as gifts. Not so much different from that of Czech, except the devil is said to come with switches.

Brazil: Santa in Brazil was called Papai Noel or Father Noel. This gift-bringer was said to be lives in Greenland and wears silk clothing due to the hot weather.

China: Here comes the bizarre one. For non-Christian Chinese, Christmas was called Spring Festival where children are given new clothes and even money as gifts.

Ethiopia: Gift giving forms a very small part in Ethiopia’s Christmas celebration. Children are commonly receiving clothing as presents.

Finland: Stockings do not hang up in Christmas trees in Finland. Santa Claus often accompanied by several Christmas elves and distributes presents around dinner time.

The United Stated of America: Back to our own country. All right, we exchange gifts and greetings with family members and friends as always. But we don’t just expecting nice clothes or expensive perfumes as Christmas presents (or correct me if I’m wrong). Technological products run to the top of our list. Given to the fact that we are so obsessed with our mobile device, an phone application gift could really make us happy.



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