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CloudOn for Android

--By On June 28, 2013



CloudOn finally comes to Android now. As having successfully brought Microsoft Office to iPad, CloudOn is available to all Android users to enjoy CloudOn's unorthodox delivery of Microsoft Office. It is like a remote control platform that allows you to use Microsoft Office on mobile devices and tablet PC, as long as you install this professional app on your device. As it is only opened to iOS devices before, Android folks should be much more exciting when having the access to CloudOn now.

CloudOn offers Android devices users and tablet owners a completely free version of Microsoft Office. It uses the virtual technology so that you can access to CloudOn's servers which are running Microsoft Office remotely, and get into using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint directly without opening up your own computer.


You can create, edit and share document files them as well as saving them locally or to Google Drive.

Moreover, it also integrates Dropbox, Box and Microsoft's own SkyDrive, so you can view and edit, comment and note your files from either of them.

Surely, although all features in a desktop version of Microsoft Office are also available to you here, you have to get used to creating charts, tracking changes, and inserting comments on Android mobile devices.

CloudOn is of greater functions compared to other apps supporting Microsoft Office on mobile devices, and it is compatible with almost all types of smartphone available in the market. However, the working efficiency depends on the network conditions, influencing its stable work sometimes.

Whatever, it indeed provides much convenience for you, right? Remember that you are also allowed to open almost any file thanks to Adobe Reader CloudOn provides. Ready to give it a try? Download and install it from Google Play, it is right here for you.


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