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FAQ of Installing Android Phone Driver

--By On December 22, 2013


The possibility of failing to install Android phone driver is high, you can try these steps to know the exact problem.

1. Switch to USB-debugging mode

Go to Setting- Application-Developing- USB debugging. Make sure that the USB debugging mode is on. For some phone, like Samsung Android phone,HD2 Android system and i-mobile 808.

2. Problem of the data line
Use original data line to connect to your computer as far as possible because all the original data line would be tested before putting into market, so it will have a little possibility to fain in connecting. If you use the data line that you buy by yourself, it is more easily to have this problem and the duration will be low, especially the data line that sealed Nokia on it. You can connect the data line to other phone so as to check if it fails because of the data line.

3. USB interface of your computer
If you use desktop computer and your phone is connected to the front USB interface of the computer case, you can try to connect your phone to the rear USB interface of your computer case because some of the computer case don't offer you power source, this may cause the failure of connecting your Android phone with your computer.

The installation of driver keeps failing

If the installation keeps failing even if you have push and pull your phone for many times, it is possible that it is because the operating system can't load the driver program. You need to restart the computer to load it.

Stuck when installing or the installation time was too long (more than 10 minutes)

If you are stuck or the installation time was too long, it is because there is something wrong with the system and there's no way for the installation to stop. What you need to do is to pull your phone out to check if it work, if not, restart the computer.

Blue screen happened when installing
Because of the bad connection of the SD card, it is possible for your computer to become blue screen. Restart your computer and it will work.


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