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How to Find Lost iPhone Using iCloud

--By On June 10, 2015


When you can't find your iPhone anywhere, you might hope that if only you could make a call to your iOS and ask it "Where are you?" and it would tell you it's exact location? That's not gonna happen. But there's an app on your iPhone that can help you find your iPhone when you find it lost. The only precondition is that you should turn on the "Find My Function" on your iPhone beforehand. Here's the detail tutorial:

How to Use Find My iPhone with iCloud

Step 1. Set up "Find My iPhone"

Tap "Settings">"iCloud" (sign in your iCloud if it is not logged in), Scroll down and find "Find My iPhone". Then, turn it on.


Note: The find my iPhone function works only when you've open the Location functions. Besides, this works when your iPhone is powered on.

Step 2. Find My iPhone

1. Once you find your iPhone lost, you can sign in the iCloud account on


2. Choose "find my iPhone" and you will be asked to enter the password of your Apple ID.


3. Then, the iPhone will be detected and located on the map. Click the green spot if you want to get more info about it.


4. You will see three choices as the window below shows:

a. Play Sound: It will let out the alarm sound and it will catch the passers-by's attention so that it can be found easier and your iPhone will be found according to the sound.
b. Lost mode: Lost Mode will track the device and put contact messages on the display.
c. Erase iPhone:This will wipe all the data from your iPhone so as to prevent privacy leaking.


I wonder why the product mangers and the developers of Apple Inc. have such smart brain. This "Find my iPhone" function really helps us a lot. It helps us find our iPhone or just protect our iOS data from illegally using by the theft. If you have any other problem about how to use find my iPhone, please comment below or just check this Find My iPhone FAQ list.


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