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How to Generate Strong Password with Safari iCloud Keychain

--By On September 24, 2015


Most people tend to use the same ID and password to sign up and log in different website in Safari. If there is some virus attack your one of your account, all the website logins may also be in the inbreak. Some others like using passwords which are long, containing special characters as well as unique for different websites. This is quite safe, but the problem is that it's too hard for people to remember all of these unique passwords for the websites you visit. That's why iCloud Keychain is needed.

iCloud Keychain keeps your Safari website usernames and passwords, credit card information, and Wi-Fi network information that you save up to data only on the devices that you approve. When you turn on iCloud Keychain on an additional device, your other devices that use iCloud Keychain will receive a notification requesting approval for the additional device.

Here is how you can set up and generate strong iCloud Keychain:
Step 1 Tap into Settings menu and navigate to iCloud. Then, switch on Keychain and enter your Apple ID password to confirm it.

Select iCloud Option Select Keychain Switch on iCloud Keychain

Step 2 Open website in Safari, and sign up for a site. Enter all the other information and when comes to the password field, a note will pop up telling you Safari can create a password for you. Hit the "Suggest Password" button to generate it. You can check the usernames and the passwords correspondingly for different websites by accessing to Settings > Safari > Password & AutoFill > Saved Password.

Suggest Password Use Suggest Password Check Password

iCloud Keychain is a quite good feature helping us to generate strong and unique password and keep them safe without causing any inconvenience.

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