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Google Play App Downloads Surpass App Store

--By On September 16, 2013


As known to all, App Store and Google Play are the two leading app downloader for smartphones. Usually App Store is thought to be more influential and popular as iOS device users are more inclined to download apps there. As Android mobile phone is getting more and more prevailed among smartphone users, Google Play is starting to show its figure.

The latest news shows that, from the second quarter this year, app downloads from Google Play has overtaken App Store. This is the first time for Google Play to surpass App Store in the app downloads. Take a view of the following charts, you can get the comparison of app downloads and revenue respectively from App Store and Google Play.

From the data, the whole downloads in Google Play are 90% of App Store but surpasses in second quarter. While, refer to the app revenue, App Store still exceeds by 2.6 times. Speak of the reasons, App Annie puts it on the strong performance of Android in India, Brazil and Russian, which contributes a lot to the app downloads from Google Play. It is believed that Google Play app revenue will finally outweigh App Store as Android is going to dominate the markets worldwide, including China, India, Brazil, Russian, etc.

Well, although Google Play is more outstanding in the app-downloading market, App Store apps still take the advantage of quality and updating in time. Whatever, useful app in high quality is always attracting its users.

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