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Google's Policies Hold Back the Growth of Android Industry or Not

--By On November 4, 2016


When it comes to mobile games, the web browser is not the first thing you might consider to find your preferred ones. Instead, you head over to your chosen provider's app marketplace (the App Store on the iPhone, and the Play Store on Android) and search for the game you want to play instead. Depending on the game of your choice, though, you might be surprised to find that Android - despite being the most widely used mobile OS - has a lower variety of apps for you to play. For example, if you want to play Red Flush mobile casino games on your Android-powered phone, you'd better forget about the Play Store and do a Google search instead.

Android Slots

A Restrictive Policy

Google's Play Store accepted real money gambling apps into its Play Store until 2013, when it decided it was time for a change. In a move that wasn't surprising at all for Google (the company has a well-known anti-gambling stance), it restricted operators from listing their real money gambling games in its app marketplace. This has hampered the mobile growth of most gambling operators, as users prefer to use native apps instead of web apps.

If you have an Android-powered smartphone or tablet, and you want to play at the Red Flush Online Casino, you'll have to make do with its browser-based version. Not that this would be a problem - the Red Flush Mobile is just as secure and fast as any native app would be. Thanks to HTML5, the slot machines and other games available at the Red Flush Mobile are just as beautiful as their desktop counterparts (often built in Flash), and they run perfectly on a wide variety of devices. Which is, once again, a good thing, since the Android handset market is very fragmented from a hardware (and software) point of view. Besides, the Red Flush Mobile is built with all the latest security and privacy measures in mind, meaning that players can play and win with a complete peace of mind.

Benefits of Google Policy

HTML5 is a relatively new platform, with a lot of room for improvement. The technology that could lead to the revival of the browser game beyond Flash and Unity is continuously improving, but it has not yet reached its apogee. Still, with a whole industry being forced to use it to deliver its games to mobile users, the technology will most likely improve faster than normal. Which is a twisted benefit of Google's restriction on real money gaming apps.

Native apps have won the mobile gaming battle thanks to the preferences of smartphone users. The iGaming industry is still on the battlefield, though, fighting to make the most of its mobile presence.


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