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Grand Theft Auto 3 Comes to Google Glass

--By On October 27, 2013


A technologist from American Digital Agency, Mike DiGiovanni, has developed an app bringing the desktop version of "Grand Theft Auto III" (GTA 3) to Google Glass.

According to the reports, a real-time GPS system, GTA Navigation for Glass, will be projected onto Google Glass's screen, helping the players navigate freely in the Liberty City, the fictionalized version of New York City in the game.

This app is the package of the fourth Glassware DiGiovanni designs. It was originally thought to call the app "Glass Theft Auto". But considering that people could wrongly take it as an app assisting them to steal cars in the reality, he named it GTA Navigation for Glass instead. Besides, Winky, which allows users to take pictures just by winking their eyes, is also developed.

AdAge reports that, DiGiovanni has confidence in the particular transformation and breakthrough Glass will bring in games.

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