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How to Back Up iPhone Data

--By On July 25, 2014


Backing up your iPhone regularly can save you a lot of trouble if your iDevice get lost. Suppose one has lost his iPhone, he can easily find it or restore the data in a new phone. Besides, since Apple has provide us such excellent service, why not make full use of it?

There are two ways to perform a backup—by iCloud and by iTunes. We will now talk about them in details. Usually iTunes backup is faster, while iCloud is safer because the data will not lose unless you delete them.

Steps to Back up Your iDevices with iTunes

What Is to Be Backed up

All your settings, contacts, app data, messages and Camera Roll photos, but not music, videos or podcasts.

Note: iTunes and iOS do not support installing backups of newer versions of iOS onto devices using earlier versions of iOS. Make sure your iOS is up to date.

1.Connect your iPhone and computer.

You probably need a USB cable. And when you plug your phone, open iTunes.

2.Back up your iPhone

In the Summary, choose "Back Up Now" on the right and "This computer" on the left. Then your data will be saved as an image file. You should see your new backup in the list of Device backups.

Steps to Back up Your iPhone to iCloud

What Is to Be Backed up

All purchases from iTunes and the App Store will be backed up. 5 Gigabytes of free store is provide for your photos and videos, device settings, app data, messages, and ringtones

1.Sign in Your Apple Account

To do this, you should go to Home Screen > Setting > iCloud.

(Note: Before this, make sure that your iPhone is running the newest operating system.)

2.Scroll down and Select "Storage& Backup"

Key in your Apple ID and password if you haven't already. Now "Storage & Backup" should be tapped for further operation.

3.Turn on iCloud Backup and Back Up Now

Choose iCloud Backup to automatically backup your files when the iDevice is plugged in, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi. And "Back Up Now" is for you to perform it immediately.


If you do not have enough for the data, iCloud also allow purchasing more. Leave us comment if you have problems concerning this.


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