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How to Brush Android Smartphone

--By On June 17, 2013


As Android system is getting more and more popular among phone users, the update is becoming more frequent. If you don't want to upgrade your Android to the latest version from the official, here we provide you the easy way to brush Android smartphone all by yourself. The three parts below will tell you more details. Follow the steps in each part:

How to Brush Android Phone?

Part One: Brush Recovery

1. Unzip you have downloaded on your Android and you will get two files named "adb.exe" and "AdbWinApi.dll". Put these two files into the "C:\Windows\System32" directory
2. Go to "Start" on your computer and enter "cmd" order in the search box. Then press "Enter" button.
3. Input "adb shell" order in the pop-up window and press "Enter".
4. Then enter "flash_image recovery /sdcard/name of the file downloaded.img" order.
5. The same order will appear once again below and "#" will be shown in the next line.

1. When you enter the order in step2, don't have your Android USB connected.
2. Pay attention to the space between the words in the order.


Part Two: How to Upgrade G2 to G3

Note: Backup brushed ROM on the SD card beforehand.

1. Update REC to 1.5.2 version and install the necessary drivers on your computer as well as your Android. Also, install HTC Sync.exe on your device.
2. Generally, the original SPL is on, go to put it off. Or update it to SPL2010 if the SPL is not original.
(Hold both "Home" and "Power" buttons to open your device, brush SPL2010.ZIP with REC.)
3. Hold "Back" and "Power" buttons at the same time to enter FASTBOOT mode.
4. Find the file G2TOG3 on your computer and open it. Click g2tog3.cmd and follow the steps to finish the brush then. After that, press "Menu" button. (Your device should be powered off.) Press "Back" and "House" buttons to check if your portfolio has been updated to G3. (The 6.35 version corresponds to SPL of 1.76 Series)

Part Three: Brush ROM

1. Hold "Power" and "Home" buttons to turn off your Android phone, you will enter the Recovery mode. Then slide to "Backup/Restore" and press "OK". Select "nand backup" to start system backup. Restart your device after it.
2. Check whether a backup have been on the SD card.
3. Turn off your Android again and enter the brushing process by holding "Power" and "Home" buttons.
4. Choose "Wipe Data" and then "Factory Reset" to help your device restore factory settings.
5. Go to your SD card and choose zip files. It will flash zip from SD card for you automatically, just wait for one minute until it finishes.
6. Finally, choose "Reboot System Now". It will take about 6 minutes to enter the system.

Now, you can enjoy the latest Android system on your device. Maybe you'll find more wonderful functions or features. Try it yourself, you will find it is not so difficult or complex to brush Android.


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