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How to Remove Bootstrap Recovery on Android

--By On November 18, 2013


Some Android users may have installed Bootstrap Recovery to enter Recovery Mode to backup, reset or restore their devices. If rooted, you can even install custom ROMs, update system and delete cache files from partitions on the Android phone. However, the problem is that, sometimes the phone will enter recovery mode automatically each time it is turned on. How can you remove the bootstrap recovery on the Android? Here we share the tackling method with you to solve the trouble.

Remove Bootstrap Recovery on Android

Note: Make sure you get the root access to your Android device before we start.

1. Get root explorer from Market.
2. Open root explorer and enter "/system/bin".
3. Click "Mount R/W" on the top right and delete the file "hijack".
4. Delete "logwrapper" and rename the "logwrapper.bin" to "logwrapper".
5. Tap on "Mount R/O" on the top right corner and Reboot the phone. Just exit root explorer and turn your Android off to make it.

Now the Bootstrap Recovery will be gone and your device will no longer enter to Recovery Mode automatically.

Hope this helped.

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THE Robber
THE Robber
5 years ago

I can't even enter my phone to do this then how can I remove this without entering my phone

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