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How to Uninstall Apps on Samsung Galaxy S4

--By On August 21, 2013


Samsung Galaxy S4 has been officially released to the public and attracted many Android lovers. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S4 owner, you can install whatever app you like on your device. Surely, you are also allowed to uninstall them easily. So, how to remove unwanted apps installed on your Samsung Galaxy S4? Here we provide you two methods:

Method One:

1. Achieve root access firstly.

2. Enter “System” or “App” by root explorer (or other file managers) and find the apps you want to delete. Click “Delete” to remove it.

If not supported, go to click “R/W” on the root explorer. Click “Always Allow” and then go to delete the apps.

Note: We suggest you make a backup of the apps before so you can reinstall it afterwards.

Method Two:

1. Tab “App” icon at the bottom right and press Menu button.

2. Tab on “Uninstall” and you will see all the apps showing up with a red minus icon over them.

3. Tab on the apps you want to delete and confirm to uninstall by pressing “OK”.

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