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Influence of the Usage of Fingerprint Authentication

--By On September 30, 2013


After iPhone 5s launched, some of their customers blame them for the lack of creativity. Fingerprint authentication is generally believed to be the newest idea of the iPhone 5S. But, recently, people blamed Apple Company that the sensor of the fingerprint authentication --Touch ID, is not so sensitive when your finger is wet. It will affect the usage of the fingerprint authentication.

The spokesperson of Apple Company accepts the interview of the Wall Street Journal. He claims that the tester proves that it will affect the normal usage of the Touch ID when your palm is wet. The Touch ID can't identify the scar of the finger, either. But according to the spokesperson, this problem is easily solved because you can just change another fingers to operate.

Touch ID is a new try on smart phones, that it adopts stainless capacitance touch on sensor. It is capable of 360-degree readability. This is thought to be better than those operated on laptops. Now Touch ID is used mainly for security and network authentication. It also becomes the first barrier to prevent our phone information to leak.

The sapphire material prevents the sensor from being hurt. The data of the users will be saved secretly that no one can steel this fingerprint data. The data will be saved in Secure Enclave that in the newest A7 chip. None of the software can access to it except the sensor of Touch ID. Of course, the data of the users' fingerprint won't be saved in the server of Apple or to be backed up in iCloud.

According to the Wall Street Journal, people can't steal other's personal data by copy the fingerprint.


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