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IO Scout vs. Jungle Scout

--By On July 27, 2020

Amazon sellers face fierce competition on this e-commerce platform nowadays, and they need any possible advantage they could use to exceed their rivals. Finding and leveraging the right set of tools may be pretty challenging since there are countless available software solutions for sellers. You need to find the right one that will fit all your business needs and maximize your selling potential for the fair price. The right software solution will ultimately level up your business, drawing you more profit and saving a lot of your time and effort.


In our IO Scout vs Jungle Scout comparison, we have reviewed the two most promising software solutions for Amazon sellers on the market today. Take a look at their features and prices and decide which one fits your unique business requirements best.


What is IO Scout?

IO Scout for Amazon sellers is an online tool created to maximize their business success on this platform. The potential is being maximized with the product tracking tools, which will help you discover profitable products to sell. Allowing the experience to improve sales through Amazon for Private Label Sellers, Drop-shipping sellers, and Wholesale Sellers alike, and preserving time and money in the process. This solution will provide you with accurate data that will ultimately help you in the decision-making processes.


What is the price of IO Scout, and what features is it offering?

IO Scout offers several pricing plans, depending on your business progress and needs. You can choose between monthly and annual subscriptions. If you select a yearly subscription with any package, IO Scout is offering a 60% discount, while monthly subscriptions provide a 25% discount.

You can choose one of the three pricing plans according to your business needs:

  • -Startup
  • -Seller
  • -Business


For the annual Startup plan, pricing starts from $22.50 per month, Seller annual plan starts from $32.50 per month, while the Business plan goes from $42.50 per month.


Every package includes:

  • -The infinite number of researches
  • -Unlimited historical data
  • -Product Finder & Tracker
  • -FBA Calculator
  • -Keyword Scout
  • -Listing Optimizer
  • -Sales Analytics Tool
  • -Sales Estimator
  • -Access to IO Scout learning materials
  • -Access to the database with more than 200 million products
  • -Inventory Management Tool
  • -24/7 support


Startup package covers:

  • -25 products in Product Tracker
  • -25 keywords in Keyword Tracker


Seller subscription includes:

  • -45 products in Product Tracker
  • -45 keywords in Keyword Tracker
  • -IO Scout Chrome Extension


Business subscription includes: 

  • -85 products in Product Tracker
  • -85 keywords in Keyword Tracker
  • -IO Scout Chrome Extension


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What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout claims that its software is a comprehensive set of tools that has all essential for Amazon sellers who practice the FBA model. It gives crucial data insights to assist Amazon seller's businesses in increasing their sales and, therefore, profit.

IO Scout


Jungle Scout features and pricing plans

Jungle Scout offers:

  • -Product Database – Grants a complete Amazon inventory to discover new product ideas
  • -Product Tracker – Capacity to arrange together products, monitor goods inventory, and providing the capacity to quantify the success of each product you trade.
  • -Keyword Scout - Jungle Scout's Keyword Scout allows marketers to learn quickly – which keywords are accepted for your planned goods.
  • -Profit Calculator – Showing all the expenses that are linked with selling a particular product on Amazon.
  • -Product Ranking – See which related goods are ranking well, and their ranking place to follow the market for your products.
  • -Listing Builder – Helps your items with ranking as high as possible, with the precise use of relevant keywords.
  • -Supplier Database – Find the inventory of suppliers to source your products worldwide.
  • -Launch – This feature provides you with the ability to launch and promote your products in an accessible format.
  • -Sales Analytics – Follow your Amazon sales, expenses, and profits in real-time.
  • -Inventory Manager – Calculate your inventory stock requirements using real-time insight data.
  • -Global Marketplaces – Locate products across different Amazon Marketplaces worldwide.
  • -Opportunity Finder – Discover products that are high-ranking and in demand and have a low competition
  • -Instant Insights – Examine product niches, etc.


Pricing plans:

With Jungle Scout, you don't have a free trial option, but you can subscribe to one of their pricing plans and request your money in 14-days period if you're not satisfied with this solution. Jungle Scout has three pricing plans:


  • -Jungle Scout - $39 monthly, $468 when it's billed annually;
  • -Jungle Scout and Extension - $49 per month, $588 yearly;
  • -Extension - $19 every month, or $228 annually.


Is IO Scout better than Jungle Scout?

IO Scout is definitely a rationally priced software for investigating potential products to add to your inventory's precious space. Its straightforward methodology and free trial period are some of the reasons you should try this solution.


For startup companies and entrepreneurs who are just starting their business on Amazon, Jungle Scout gives a mixture of features to advertise and expand your business. The Chrome Extension by Jungle Scout is an excellent addition to Jungle Scout's basic pricing plan, and worth pondering if you are a professional Amazon seller.


Unlike other Amazon research tools, like Jungle Scout, IO Scout is created to be an effective and straightforward solution for item research and tracking.


  • -IO Scout is an ideal solution for online and retail arbitrage, dropshipping and Private Labels.
  • -Users highlight IO Scout's more authoritative data accuracy matched to other applications.
  • -Combine up to 10 researchers to your IO Scout account.


Jungle Scout vs. IO Scout features

Jungle Scout and IO Scout

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