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iOS 10 Express Yourself in Bold New Ways in Messages

--By On July 6, 2016


While the Messages in iPhone and other smartphone remained a stagnant platform to exchange static words and photos, other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat have revamped the way communicate. Recently, iOS 10, the biggest release yet of Apple, gives you the new way to text your friends. You can express yourself in bold new ways in messages.

Revamped Bubble Effects

iOS 10 Messages Bubble Effects

Bubble effect of messages is revamped. The effect depends on how you say it. The way how you say a message will change the way your message bubble looks. Bubble Effects will make animations to emphasize certain messages, giving certain messages a little more personality and emotion, like reflecting your shame when you apologize for something. For example, it can make Congrats more exciting than a static text bubble.

Write it yourself

iOS 10 Messages Hand-write

iOS 10 allows you to send message in your own handwriting. You can select to hand-write the message. And your friend will see I animate, just as ink flows on paper.

Invisible Ink

iOS 10 Messages Hide Photo

The messenger app in iOS 10 can hide photo, too. You can send a message or photo that remains hidden, then simply swipe to reveal.

In addition, Invisible Ink hides messages in a glittery effect that you have to swipe away with your finger to read the message.

Send Quick Responses

iOS 10 Messages Quick Response

Tapback makes it possible to add mini reactions to your received messages. Just tap to send the quick responses such as the heart icon, thumb-up/down icon, exclamation mark and the question mark. People will what you are thinking.


iOS 10 Messages Emoji

emoji are now 3 times bigger than before. After typing the message, you can tap the highlighted words to turn them into emojis. For example, after writing "basketball finished at 5", you can tap and turn to word "basketball" into an emoji.

Rich Links

iOS 10 Messages Rich Link

Rick Links can show image preview from the websites that are being linked. Plus, even a video inside the link can be shown automatically. So, you don’t need to open the link and tap to play the video.

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