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iOS 9 Features Preview – Release Date of the Latest iOS 9

--By On July 22, 2015


On WWDC 2015, Apple Inc. announced that the new iOS 9 will come to us this fall. Let's have a quick look on the new amazing and excellent features of the coming iOS 9. And decide whether to upgrade your iPhone/iPad to iOS 9 as soon as it released.

Devices that Can be Upgraded to iOS 9

iPhone 6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4s/
iPad Air 2/iPad Air/4/3/2
iPad mini 3/2, iPad mini
iPod touch 5
And of course the coming iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, included.

Smart Search

The smart search in iOS 9 will be smarter and bring you with more convenience.

1. Recent Contacts/ Apps, Nearby Restaurant and News
For example, in the search interface, you will be provided with different apps according to your searching preference. As the screenshot shows below, contacts, frequently-used apps, nearby restaurants and news will be listed for you to choose. This new features is very practical to help iOS users save time.


2. Find App And Settings on iPhone/iPad

When we want to turn on "Find My iPhone" on our iPhone/iPad, it will take sometimes to check the exact option in the Settings app, but thanks to iOS 9, it becomes easier. We just need to type in "Find My iPhone" and the option is displayed for you and you just need to turn it on. It also works if you want to search for the app.


3. Simple Calculation and Conversion

iOS 9 is also smart enough to help you do the simple calculation or conversion. For example, if you type in "10 pounds in kg", you will be shown the answer you want. Of course, some website with the keywords you just typed in will be displayed as well.



Compare with the previous Siri, the new Siri version becomes much smart. It will answer your question more contextually. That means when you ask Siri what's the latest album of Taylor Swift? And the latest album will be shown. If you continue ask it: "When she released it"? And Siri will understand that "She" refers to Taylor Swift and "It" refers to the latest album. Quite smart, isn't it?


Besides, another new feature is supported as well. You can find the photos or album you captured before. Let's do the test together. Ask Siri "Show me photos from June, 2014" or "Show me photos captured in San Francisco", and here they are.



Compare with the old Note app, you can add multimedia files in note. Photos, maps and doodles in your note. For example, you can write down a to-do list and use the pen to highlight the important things to remind yourself of it. You can also add bullet with a tap to create a checklist and sketch your thoughts.


Map and Transit

In the improved Map, you can not only know where your destination place is. Besides, you will be provided with different transportation to arrive in the place you want – Bus, taxi, subway, ferry or on foot. The distance and the time are also provided. You can choose the most convenient one or the fastest one according to your preference.


The story doesn't end here. You can also find the popular restaurant, coffee shop, cinema, and more, near you or the destination you just typed. You can find the best nearby restaurant which showed in Map referring to the review of other customers.



iOS 9 also included a developed news app owned by Apple Inc. – News. When you enter the News app, you will be shown different subscription. More than a million topics from the leading news organizations such as CNN, BuzzFeed, The New York Times, WIRED, QUARTZ, and more, are supported.


Shift Key

The letters on the previous iOS OS are always capitalized which always leads to a misspelling. In iOS 9, the "Shift" key was fixed that when you tap the Shift key, the letters shows will be in lower case and when you tap again, it will be shown the upper case.


Low Power Mode

Since iOS 9 has added so many amazing new functions, it will somewhat affect the battery lifespan. But to solve this problem, Apple gives birth to a low power mode, which will refresh background app and reduce or disabled visual effects. As a result, it will add 3 more hours on its battery life.


iOS 9 is now freely opened to iOS developers, so if you want to upgrade your iPhone 6/6 Plus to iOS 9, you'd better wait for the coming September. Please feel free to leave us comment below if you have any idea about it. And in the coming blog, we will show how to upgrade your iPhone/iPad to iOS 9. Please follow us if you are interested in it.


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