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iPhone 8: New Feature with 3D Touch Pressure Sensors

--By 维琪 On February 15, 2017


Perhaps because of the contact with such a keyword as decennium, there is really too much to say about iPhone this year's. People so expect its design without borders that we will see a lot of traces imply such changes. Now that new clues are coming, will it make you more confident in your expectations?

iPhone 8 Fingerprint

And is there any new technology?
Guo Mingji is undoubtedly the most reliable analyst on Apple's new products. His prediction is always of high accuracy, which makes people have to take it seriously. As Apple's most important new products, 2017 iPhone is certainly the object which catches the analyst's focus attention. Is there anything new to look forward to? Surprises still seem to exist.

iPhone 8 New Tech

3D Touch and Touch ID are now essential technologies for iPhone. We may be able to see their upgrade and change in September this year.

3D Touch is a stereo touch technology, and it makes the interaction between users and touch screen is no longer confined in the stage of a Planar operation such as point and draw, but showing a deeper three-dimensional feeling. So users can use different efforts to trigger different operations. After adopting the new technology, analysts said the new iPhone will bring better experience than the past to overall user so that people can achieve the application more complex than the faster operation and the preview application.

iPhone 8 3D Touch

Touch ID is equally important, it relates to our privacy and security. Apple has applied this technology to almost all of its major equipment, from which we can see its importance. After the technical update, Touch ID will be transformed into a "two step" type of security authentication mechanism that includes face recognition and fingerprint recognition. This not only enhances the security performance of Touch ID, but also paves the way for improvements of a key design.

Fingerprint recognition is not enough
When the iPhone 5S release, Touch ID technology first appeared in our sight. Although a lot of people only regard this small function as a gimmick at the beginning, but today Touch ID fingerprint are used to unlock and even pay, which has become an indispensable part of many people's daily life. Fingerprint recognition can bring us convenience. Even if Apple is to launch a new generation of Touch ID technology, it does not make us feel strange.

iPhone 8 Touch ID

The original Touch ID technology uses a capacitive fingerprint acquisition. The system allows the finger skin to be charged, and then the user's fingerprint image is obtained by identifying the capacitance difference between the valley and the ridge of the fingerprint. After using Touch ID, the iOS device a circle of stainless steel metal ring on the Home bond, which use to make the finger charged regularly.

The problem is that such mechanisms need the user's skin touch the metal ring. If the next generation of iPhone use the design of double glass without Home button, then the original technology of Touch ID is unsuitable.

Guo Mingji said that Apple's new solution is optical fingerprint collection instead of the original capacitor. As a result, the phone doesn't need a capacitor assembly and can use the optical sensor to identify fingerprint through the OLED panel. It's understood that this technology is also the trend of the smart phone industry, making the possibility of Apple to make this choice greatly increased.

In fact, Apple has begun to be interested in this technology, because it used to apply a kind of 'fingerprint sensor hidden in the display'. In Apple's technical description, the user's fingerprint can be viewed through the panel by sensor. It is worth mentioning that the flexible OLED panel has a unique advantage in this area because of its smaller signal interference and thinner thickness. The development of optical fingerprint sensor is not mature enough, but its development of OLED technical application is expected to speed up.

The most interesting point is that the analyst also mentioned that Apple has a 'backup plan'. If the optical fingerprint recognition technology through the panel cannot be achieved in time, then Apple is also considering the possibility of using facial recognition or iris recognition to replace fingerprint recognition. In both, Guo Mingji is more optimistic about face recognition because Apple has applied for a large number of patents related to face recognition in the past few years. Although the patent is not related to iris scanning, but analysts said that Apple prefers to face recognition from the view of hardware security and mobile payment authentication.

Can the desire be achieved?
From the analysts forecast, we can easily find that both the 3D Touch technology and the next generation of Touch or ID seem to be able to prove that iPhone will certainly bring us a big surprise. That is a new powerful machine without border and Home key, but equipped with the OLED screen and double glass design.

iPhone 8 OLED

Seeing so many revelations and forecasts these time, we want to ask such a question: Are there many clues point to the new frame design? Or we are trying to prove the next iPhone will be like this so we put all traces in that direction. Apple has always been strictly confidential so that it is difficult for us to have 100% confidence in the information and this is something always happened a year before the release of iPhone.

But we can be sure that iPhone will certainly have a lot of change in this year's. We don't really need unexpected apple as long as it brings the new products we want. If the new iPhone is really like above saying, it's still a surprise.

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