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iPhone May Be Installed in Car in the Future

--By On January 6, 2014


In July, the author of 9to5mac-Mark Gurman said that Apple map on iOS 7 will be more compatible and suitable to car. Moreover, according to the new system, Siri and music will be place in car. This so-called "iOS in Car" system will narrow the gap between iPhone and car. And iPhone will be not just a navigation tool.

Michael Sreeber also express that iPhone will be connected to cars with wireless or USB cable. And the iOS app that can be played on car can be connected to the central control board of car so that drivers can control iPhone map, messages, music and other iPhone app on the screen of their car's vehicle-mounted system.

It sounds great, isn't it? According to the Beta 2 of iOS 7.1, it seems that Apple Company indeed has a tendency in installing iPhone into car. In the latest preview system, a new option called "Car Screen" was added in General Setting-Access Restriction. As many 9to5mac staff said, Beta 1and Beta 2 of iOS 7.1 has improve the relevancy between iPhone and vehicle-mounted system.

These all indicate that iOS may compatible to car next year. For iOS 8, which will be released later next year, Apple Company will strengthen the function of the map and the car navigation. It is said that Apple Company is busy optimizing and upgrading map and update the function of indoor navigation and traffic guide. In addition, they are testing the possibility of combine the sensor of iPhone to vehicle-mounted system.

This reminds me of the experience of my visiting general motor's laboratory. This old car factory is positively developing car networking project in hope to connect to the hot mobile Internet. Unlike mobile, cars can't update their hardware frequently as mobile do. And the upgrade should rely on underlying hardware. The upgrade of cars' short slab will limit more functions of its software and system.

The executive director of General research and development labs of all over the world Gary Smyth told me that they will increase the expansibility of the whole car so as to solve this problem. For example, to place more function of car into practice with the help of iPhone or other device. In the future, cars will offer fundamental hardware architecture to car networking. But for more functions, it should rely on other mobile devices. The convenience and frequently-updating mobile devices can't be replaced by cars.

The logic of Smith match what Apple Company is doing well, it seems that it is the future tendency that cars and smart phones will be put together in the future. But the problem is, while iPhone was connected to the center system of car, it provides map, navigation and positioning service. This also matches the service of vehicle-mounted system.


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