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All The Facts About CompTIA FC0-U51 IT Fundamentals Exam

--By Bruno Markvin On June 13, 2018


Computing Technology Industry Association, is designed for middle and high school students who wish to find out if their strengths and interests lie in IT. It is also meant for those who would find it beneficial for them to gain some IT basics for use in their careers that may not necessarily be IT related. IT Fundamentals exam is the right one for you if you have an intention of pursuing a career in IT and you want to be sure that it is what you want.


In this post, I will walk you through the objectives, prerequisites and the reasons to become certified. You will also get to learn all it takes to pass this exam and attain a certification.

The candidate would be expected to know how to identify various computer components, performingnetwork connectivity, software installation, compatibility issues, maintenance, identification of risks and troubleshooting.

CompTIA FC0-U51 exam tests your knowledge and skills in a number of IT areas, namely:
• Software (21%)
• Hardware (18%)
• Security (21%)
• Networking(16%)
• Basic IT Literacy (24%)

It comprises 75 multiple choice questions that you are required to answer within 1 hour. To attain the certification you must get a pass mark of 650 points. To sit for this exam, you must register with Pearson VUE where you will also find all the requirements that you must meet. Once you register and have met their requirements, you are supposed to find an exam testing center near you then schedule your exam.

CompTIA FC0-U51 is a foundation level certification exam and there are no certification prerequisites that an individual must meet before being allowed to register for the exam. It targets beginners who are just starting out with their IT careers.


Let us have a look at the reasons why you need to become certified in CompTIA FC0-U51:

• It offers you a chance to enhance your IT career
If you want to specialise in IT, then this is the best place to start. Once you gain this certification, you can use it as a foundation for the advanced CompTIA certifications. Here you learn the basics that you will use to further your career in IT.

• Door to great job opportunities
IT is a very important aspect of a company or organization needs. It is very crucial and every process in a business requires the input of a person who has some knowledge in IT. They help take care of your business needs like data storage and connection of various departments in a corporate environment. IT is so crucial that it cannot be ignored. Becoming certified in CompTIA FC0-U51 opens doors to other careers in the ever changing world of IT.

• Attractive salaries
A certification in IT will put you in a better position that will earn you a good salary. Considering that CompTIA certifications are some of the leading IT certifications worldwide, qualified individuals are compensated well. IT is an important aspect of every organization. Anyone with basic to advanced knowledge in IT finds employment opportunities with promising salaries.

CompTIA FC0-U51 certification has continued to be a popular credential because it is a prerequisite for other advanced CompTIA Certifications. This particular certification shows employers that you already are skilled in computer software, hardware, establishing workstations, identifying security challenges and finding solutions for them. This credential is the most sought after by employers and for those who wish to pursue a career in IT.

If you have already made up your mind to go for FC0-U15 certification, then it is now time you get to know how to pass your exam. Passing in this exam, just like any other exam, requires proper preparations. There are a number of strategies that you can adopt to help you out on this. It is recommended that you find a certified trainer to take you through the related online course.As you train, also make use of the study materials available online. Make sure you understand what you want, then pursue whatever it takes to achieve it. It is important that you know how to pass this exam.

Below, I discuss some tips that would help you pass CompTIA FC0-U51 exam. Let’s look at them one by one:

• Schedule your study time
Plan your time so well so that you will be able to allocate enough time for your study and preparation for your exam. Find the best time that works well with you. If you are working, make sure you find enough time after work to prepare for your exam.

• Get a certified trainer
It is recommended that you find someone to take you through the course. This will help you to understand the concepts and the course requirements well. There are a number of trainers that offer CompTIA FC0-U51 course online through videos. Some of the online courses are CompTIA IT Fundamentals Online Course, The Total Course on Udemy and CertMaster Practice for IT Fundamentals.

• Use Practice Exams and Study Guides
There are exams that you can use to practice in order to find out how prepared you are for your exam. The exams are found online. Some at a fee and others for free. Examples of these practice test exams are those found in CompTIA CertMaster Practice exam and Killtest CompTIA IT Fundamentals Study Guide. These guides take you through the exam objectives as well as offer exam practice questions.

For me, passing this exam was not one of those easiest things I had got used to before. I made sure that I prepared well by getting a certified trainer and using study guides and practice exams. My training course was all done online. I allocated enough time for my preparation. Balancing between work and study can prove tobe a challenge, but proper planning takes care of all that. I sat for my exam in July last 2017. With some confidence, I was able to ace it. I received my certification 3 weeks later.

What are the training coursesfor CompTIA FC0-U51 exam?

Here are the courses that you can take to help you pass your exam:

• CompTIA Fundamentals Online Training
• CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification Online Course
• IT Onlinelearning

Besides the courses and study guides, there are also exam dumps found online that you can use to prepare for your exam. They are useful if used properly. You only have to make sure that they are up to date and cover the exam objectives.Use them with other study guides and practice exams. ExamSnap, Braindumps and ExamCollection are some of the sites that offer practice tests.

CompTIA certifications are the most preferred qualification for anyone seeking to pursue a career in IT. You are given the option of beginning from the basics and advancing further depending on your career goals. CompTIA Fundamentals exam should be the beginning of a great IT career for anyone interested in how to perform computer tasks like networking, software and hardware installation, security challenges and finding solutions, and many more.

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