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Keeping Your Android Device Clean

--By On July 1, 2017


Clean For Android

Android devices are a little like your home. If you don’t keep cleaning it regularly, the use of the home will start to show. You’ll start having clutter everywhere and the dirt will start annoying you. You might even start performing bad and feel like you need to change homes.

Similarly, your Android device will clutter and the prolonged use will start affecting the speed and performance of your device. You might find it to work a lot worse than it did when it was brand new. Before you start looking for a new device, you should consider cleaning your Android device.

Why Use Cleaning Software?

When you get an Android device, you probably add all sorts of cool apps to it. Over the months that you use, you’ll be downloading files, music, photos, and apps without not really paying attention to them after you stop using those exact files or apps. Even when you uninstall an app, it can leave certain files behind.

While the phone’s operating system will assign RAM to the right apps in the ways it seems most appropriate and often looks after the background apps, the storage and memory utilisation is completely down to you.

You can probably understand how over time, these files just keep piling up and using your storage and sometimes even the battery needlessly. When you download an Android cleaner app, the software will kill off apps that are running but not being used and help you find files that are either duplicate, have errors, or are simply not in use. This will help boost the performance of your phone and more often that not also boost your storage space.

It’s important to note that if you do keep a good care of your phone and you regularly go through all of your files, you might not benefit from a cleaning app. However, to most casual Android users the software is a great tool.

Finding the Right Cleaning Software for Your Android Device

You can find plenty of apps for cleaning your device from Google Play. It’s also a good idea to check out for working coupons from which has discounts for various Android apps as well as devices.
The crucial thing is to read a few reviews and recommendations. You don’t want to download software blindly because you might end up with a bad one. Check which cleaning apps are highly rated and which continue to offer updates.

When you are looking for a cleaning tool for the latest models, you have to ensure you don’t just pick a cleaning app that turns off apps. Some of the newest Android phones actually work faster when they run certain apps in the background. Therefore, a cleaning app that purely focuses on turning off background apps won’t actually help your phone but rather hinders its performance.

Systweak and How to Use It

One tool to consider using is Systweak Android Cleaner. The software offers the real deal – you can clean and manage your device with just a few simple clicks. You can download the product from Google Play or find the link to download on the official website.

When you open the Systweak app, you’ll notice the homepage first. The section will instantly show you things such as battery use, occupied storage and more. Click the respective buttons to learn more about them.

Systweaks App

Under the ‘Junk File’ folder, you will see all the temporary files, APK files and external application cache. You can easily manage the files from there and get rid of those that you know are just slowing down your phone. Systweak Android Cleaner also has a ‘Duplicate Files’ option, which will help you remove all duplicate files from the memory – photos, documents and music can be removed in an instant.

Furthermore, you are able to do things such as manage the battery use and turn on a battery saving mode. There’s even a ‘Game SpeedUp’ feature, which allows you to turn the phone into a dedicated gaming platform.

The good thing about Systweak is how it actually monitors the usefulness of the particular apps for your phone. As mentioned, it isn’t one of those apps that just turns things on and off, but it actually monitors how your device is using that particular program. If it’s useful, then the app won’t force it to close. This can guarantee you don’t accidentally end up hurting your device with the use of the app.

So, as you can see from the example, a lot of these cleaning systems can actually help you improve your phone performance even further than just clearing clutter. With a recovery system, you also don’t need to worry about losing important files – you always have a backup available.

If you haven’t used cleaning software before, your Android device will definitely thank you if you start now.

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