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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Android Lovers

--By On December 27, 2016


With less than a week left for Christmas, you have very less time to go through the options and choose gifts for your people. When it comes to buying gifts, the most difficult part is to get it for your gadget freaks as they are quite choosy. Christmas

So if you too are stuck with the same confusion, here I have brought to you some of the amazing android gift ideas to shop for.

There are a number of android accessories available in the market. The best thing about them is that it works great with every kind of android products of your gadget lovers.

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SoundBot Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Being water resistant, you can have these speakers installed in the showers. You can easily stick them to any surface and enjoy music indoors or outdoors. With all the android device being Bluetooth ready, it makes a good yet inexpensive option to gift this Christmas.

Android Phone Clip Holder From SUNKY
Do you have plans to buy something for a PS4? Buy this clip holder and connect it to the controller along with a micro USB cable and you are ready to get a better view. Certain android models need rooting for the PS4 controller but even then, you can make use of this stand to get a better sight of the phone.

MoKo Wireless Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard
This is something that can come in handy for the teenagers. They have easy typing keys can be seamlessly carried to school or college. Again being Bluetooth enabled, it can be connected to devices easily.

Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller From SteelSeries
When you compare this gaming controller with that of Xbox One, it definitely beats it on the design. It is very much compatible with any android device through Bluetooth and helps you have a better gaming experience. Again, the controller is easily paired with Windows computers and can be the best option for those who love to play games on the PC. You can easily find a good number of controllers online at great prices using VouchersMonk deals.

Wireless Gaming Controller

Anker Astro Portable Charger
Imagine a power bank with 10000mAh power! Yes, anyone will love to stick to the mobile device without having to worry about distinguishing battery life. Again a dependable power bank like this will help you keep on playing your favourite game for a long time.

VR Headset From Sunnyfair
A good headset with a right android phone can give exceptional virtual reality experience. When it comes to teens, this is something they would love to have in their gadget closet.

Headphones Or Earphones
A good headset or earphones can go a long way as a Christmas gift. Good sound quality and comfortable fit can really make music a soothing thing in life. There are a number of branded headphones and earphones available in the market. So investing in one of them can be a good decision too.


Choose anyone from these accessories and you can be sure that your geeks are going to love this for sure. So what are you waiting for? Make the right purchase and enjoy gifting this Christmas.


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