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How to Limit App's Access Authority to Pictures on iPhone

--By On August 28, 2015


iPhone, more than a device for keeping in touch with others, also becomes a smart camera. People use it to take photos, especially selfies, every day. Some of the users don't want to reveal the pictures to others for the sake of privacy. However, many applications downloaded or purchased from App Store have the function of accessing to the Camera Roll, My Photo Stream, and other galleries in our iPhone. If you worry about the images stored in iPhone get exposed, you can also limit apps' access authority to pictures on your iOS devices.

Method 1 Open "Settings" menu on your iPhone and tap into "Privacy". Scroll to find "Photos" option and tap it opened. All the apps that you installed on your iPhone and can access to the photos in the device will be shown on the screen. Switch off the toggle at the right side of the app to limit app's access to gallery.

Tap Privacy Option  Select Photo Option  Limit App Access to Photos on iPhone

Method 2 Tap "General" option in the "Settings" interface and select "Restriction". You need to enter the password to enable restriction function. Tap the "Photos" option under the "PRIVACY" section. Apps that have requested access to your photos will appear. Turn the toggles off and tap "Allow Changes" to prevent apps from using your pictures.

Enable Restrictions on iPhone  Choose Photos Item  Restrict Apps Access to Pictures on iPhone

Set limitation or restriction to app's access to photos, you have no need to worry about your selfies or pictures getting exposed or being used by the applications installed on your iPhone. If you don't want the apps to access to contacts, messages or other data on your iPhone, just do it the same way as mentioned above.

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