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3 Disastrous Mistakes to Avoid with Remote Working

--By On May 28, 2020


The COVID-19 crisis has created a number of changes. One of the biggest trends that it has spurred is the transition towards remote working. Remote working was already on the rise. It increased 270% between 2017 and 2020. However, it is rising even faster during this pandemic.


There are a number of great benefits of remote working. It has become especially useful for social media marketing, as many companies discover its benefits.


Unfortunately, it is also a challenging learning curve for many people. Many people that are new to remote working make a number of mistakes, which can cause professional problems for themselves, as well as their employer.


You should be aware of the following remote working mistakes. You want to avoid them if it all possible.



Forgetting when your camera is on during meetings

Most people are used to having privacy in their own home. That privacy obviously disappears when people are on camera with their laptop. However, it is easy to forget about this when you are not used to working from home.


One woman discovered this in the most embarrassing way possible. She was having a video conference with her colleagues, when she felt the urge to use the restroom. She seemed to completely forget that everybody else on the conference call could see her.


Of course, this is one of the most extreme examples of the mistakes somebody made. However, there are more subtle ways that you could behave unprofessionally during a conference call on video. You need to be careful about eating in front of your colleagues if that wouldn’t normally be appropriate during a traditional work meeting.


Not recognizing the tone of your messages

You also need to be careful about written communications at work. Studies have shown that people tend to be much more uninhibited when they are communicating on social media or email than they are when they are speaking to somebody face-to-face.


The problem is that people use nonverbal messages to understand when they are saying something that might upset somebody else. Unfortunately, you don’t have that same feedback when you are communicating electronically without real-time video.


It is always important to be observant of people’s feelings through digital communications. It is especially important to pay attention to them when you are dealing with people at work. Remember that anything that could be misconstrued as bullying or abusive conduct could get you in a lot of trouble and potentially lead to your termination. Even if you weren’t trying to be rude, it could still be interpreted that way. You should always be very careful about what you say through digital communications.


Neglecting to keep accurate records of your work

Remote employees tend to work on the honor code. Employers want to believe that they are doing their job appropriately.


The problem is that most employers understand that some employees are going to use remote working as an opportunity to get away with slacking off. You need to make sure your employer recognizes your contributions.


You may be working very hard, but that won’t do you much good if you are working on long-term projects that take a while to come to fruition. Your boss might think that you are one of the slackers, even if you are putting in 110%.


Fortunately, there are some great work from home tools that help you track your progress. You should use these to ensure your records are accurate.


You should also keep detailed records about the projects that you are working on and the progress that you are making. It is a good idea to find ways to update your boss. If they are not asking for periodic updates, then you might want to find indirect ways to tell them what you are working on. You may want to ask them for feedback or get clarifications on metrics for projects that they might not realize you have taken initiative to tackle.




Try to Overcome the Challenges of Remote Working and Maximize Productivity

You are going to face a number of challenges as a remote employee. You need to make overcoming these challenges a top priority. Focus on boosting productivity and making sure your work is high quality. This will ensure your career will be successful.

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